Once I consult with a vet and he told me the most common question that owners ask him is should I trim my cat’s fur in the summer. Being a parent it’s a responsibility to care for your pet. And if you take advice from a vet it’s a good thing and this thing makes you a super owner. Let’s come to the topic and discuss about it.

Should I Trim My Cat’s Fur In The Summer?

Should I Trim My Cat's Fur In The Summer?

It’s a totally wrong thing if you cut your cat’s hair to give them fashion. There is a huge importance of cat fur which I discuss below. But if you want to trim your cat hair in summer to make them cool, shed less, and generally, just get less matted and tangled it’s okay.

Don’t try yourself at home, especially with scissors this is dangerous. Remember at least 1/2″ or more fur to leave behind to ensure your cat’s coat retains its insulative properties.

Does Cat Fur Keep Them Cool In Summer?

It’s a new thing for you if you don’t know about the thing that cats can sweat as humans do. And yes, cats can make themselves cool in summer. How?

Let’s discuss this.

By grooming themselves cats keep themselves cool. Cats grooming their fur in hot weather, their saliva evaporates off and cooling themselves.

What Is the Importance Of Cat Fur?

Before you consider trimming your cat’s fur for the summer let’s first talk about the importance of cat fur or the purpose of fur.

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Helps A Cat Stay Warm

While it’s pretty much a given that fur thick or short helps a cat stay warm, especially during the cold winter months.

Fur also acts as a shield in many regards.

Line Of Defense

Line of defence protecting the actual skin from harm. Harm can come in many many forms.

  1. Physical injury as in cuts and abrasions during an altercation with another animal perhaps another cat.
  2. Protection against careless and aggressive behaviors.
  3. As in running in the yard and through wooded areas.

Fur can act as a buffer between the skin and those pesky sticker bushes.

Guard Against Skin Damage

And of course, fur can protect the skin against the elements. Not just the cold but also that intense heat.

A proper layer of fur can guard against the threat of sunburn and the potential long-lasting impact of significant skin damage.

This is why the idea of trimming fur in the summer is not as simple as it would seem on the surface.

It’s not like one of us getting a simple haircut. Unlike cats, our hair doesn’t act as a layer of defence and protection against the cold and heat.

I mean it’s not like we’re Michael j fox in “Teen Wolf”.

Even the longest hair won’t really do too much in terms of covering the entire body. This is why you should be very careful.

When it comes to giving your cat a trim you never want to remove too much of your feline’s fur protection.

The Value Of Proper grooming In Cats?

Should I Trim My Cat's Fur In The Summer?

In addition to what your cat does when it comes to their very own self-care you also have a responsibility to help your cat look and feel they’re very best.

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This is especially true if you’re caring for a senior feline and those basics are no longer so basic.

Older cats can look very unkempt in a very short period of time. It is due to the fact they’re no longer able to groom themselves properly largely due to stiff and achy joints.

When it comes to today’s topic question any type of fur trimming should never be done based on weather alone.

If you are planning to give your cat a trim simply because these summer months have arrived you might want to reconsider. Especially if your cat is an indoor pet. With plenty of fresh water and cool places to relax overheating regardless of fur, length shouldn’t be a concern.

When it comes to outdoor felines there is still a lot of concern when it comes to a detailed trim.

Sure your cat will be cooler but an extra layer of defence has now been removed. The risk of sunburn and other skin injuries has now increased. Now the question arises here is that trade really worth it? Let’s discuss this.

Is That Trade-Off Really Worth It?

Probably not as you should never let your cat outside regardless of fur length if the temperature is well into the 90s Fahrenheit.

Rather than trimming the real answer is overall grooming. If you want to help your cat stay cool during the summer use a calm, brush or fur glove and remove loose fur.

Keep your cat free of fur debris. This alone can make your cat more comfortable.

If you do need to trim especially if fur tangles are involved and a comb just will not work make sure your cat still has more than an inch of fur within that given area for protection.

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If you can see your cat’s skin you’ve cut too much.

Can You Shave A Cat With Matted Fur?

Should I Trim My Cat's Fur In The Summer?

Many times owners who are not aware of matter fur use scissors to cut matted fur, this is totally bad thing. By using scissors there is a huge chance of cutting your cat’s skin.

If a cat’s fur gets too tangled to comb out, shave your cat fur with clippers. This helps to remove mats. 

Note: Avoid scissors because it harms your cat.

Final Words

Before we close you don’t have to be a solo act when it comes to these efforts. If you want your cat to live its very best life during the summer months take your cat to a professional, so they can receive the full grooming treatment.

Your pet will feel better and look better without having fur potentially compromised in a dangerous way.

Cats wear a coat they can’t take off. And while it can be in our nature to want to relieve our pet of that coat when those temperatures do rise be mindful of the consequences that fur is more than just for looks. It’s for protection and your cat needs it as a defence.

Does your cat get royal treatment from time to time from you? Do you groom your pet or do you take your cat to the barber shop?

And have there been emergency situations where you just had to trim your cats for yourself please let me know in the comment section below.


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