Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months

“Persian cat” is a very famous breed. Most owners are in doubt about diet plans when they adopt a kitten. What is a Persian kitten diet plan from birth to 9 months? 

Persian cats are also known as the ‘Persian longhair’. It is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by a round face and short muzzle.

We’ll discuss everything from how should you get your kitten accustomed to food other than the mother’s milk and which types of food to give them.

Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months

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A great recommendation would be to keep your kitten on its mother’s milk for the first 45 days. If not possible or the mother is absent, etc. feed the kitten with a milk replacer or you can give goat milk or lactose-free milk as well.

What Is Weaning?

Weaning means the process of conversion from a mother feeding the kitten to any semi-solid or solid food. To simplify, the mother’s milk is stopped and the food which is available from outside is started.

The weaning process should begin 3 to 4 weeks after the kitten’s birth.

Two Methods Of Weaning

The two methods of weaning are:-

  1. By cerelac for cats.
  2. By boiling the chicken.
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Mince the boiled chicken so that it will become smaller and easier to digest for the kitten. You must feed it in small amounts and within 7 days you should get the weaning done. If your kitten is accustomed to eating a meal 3-4 times a day, then give it smaller portions of the food on its regularity.

What Should You Feed A 52 – 65 Day Year Old Kitten?

Persian Kitten Diet Plan
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After the process of weaning is complete, you can start adapting your kitten to dry food or any other suitable homemade food. Regardless, keep in mind that during the 52-65 days you will only feed the kitten boiled chicken and cerelac.

However, we would recommend minimum use of cerelac in its diet and more boiled chicken.

During the 52-65 day period, you must feed your kitten in 3-4 hour intervals, like 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm. And you can adjust this timing to your convenience.

If Kitten Is 65 to 90 days old, How Will You Feed It?

After 65 days, you need to add more options in your kitten’s diet plan like boiled eggs and rice.

Now you can feed boiled chicken for up to 75 days and with that give it the whites of a boiled egg every 2 days. Remember that you must not give it the yolk because it contains a lot of protein and your kitten may get diarrhea.

After that, you will give your animal boiled rice as it reaches 75 days. The rice should be a completely mashed so it would be easier to digest. Grinding and mixing it with chicken would serve as a healthy meal.

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What Will You Feed Your Kitten From 90-180 Days Of Age?

Coming to 3-6 months 0f age, you can include packaged or canned cat food in it’s previous diet of boiled chicken, rice ,dry food, boiled egg whites, and yolks occasionally, to maintain the nutrition of the kitten. Other than this you can use some oil as well like coconut oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil.

The above mentioned food items will provide the kitten with a balanced diet and keep it healthy and well maintained.

What Will You Feed Your Kitten From 6 to 9 months Of Age?

Persian Kitten Diet Plan
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Now that your kitten is 6 months old, until 9 months, you can continue the food that has been suggested previously and you can even add vegetables in it like carrots.

The carrots have to be cooked properly and fed in small amounts, without seasonings as certain seasonings are harmful to kittens. You can also add potatoes in small portions as well.

Whatever portions of the chicken you are using to feed your kitten, the vegetables in it should be about 15% to 20%.

All the above points will help keep your kitten fit, provide it with a nourished diet and good strength.

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Persian Kitten Diet Plan
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This diet plan will keep your kitten healthy and reduce your problems. As around the 6-9 months of age, it will experience heat (for males, its after 9 months of age) and keeping a balanced diet during this time period is important.

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