“Persian” very famous cat breed. Most of the owners are in doubt about diet plan when they adopt kitten.  Persian kitten diet plan from birth to 9 months? It’s a very important topic. If you have a Persian kitten then what should be in its diet? Most of the first-time kitten owners don’t have an idea about this but today I will tell you the whole diet plan from the kitten’s birth till the age of about 9 months old.

We’ll discuss everything like How should you get wean done? And which types of food can you give them?

Let’s start.

Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months

Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months?

First of all, I would recommend you keep your kitten on mother feed for 45 days. If the mother dies or just doesn’t give milk to its kittens, then you have to use a milk replacer.

If you don’t even have a milk replacer then you can give goat milk or lactose-free milk as well. After this, you will get weaning done.

How Do You Start Weaning kittens?

If It was On Mother Feed Then How Do You Get Weaning Done?

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Weaning basically means the process of conversion from mother feed to any semi-solid or solid feed. As in mother feed is stopped and the food which is available from outside is started.

Two Methods Of Weaning

Now you will get weaning done by two methods.

  1. By Cerelac.
  2. By chicken boil.

You will boil the chicken but I would recommend that you first get the chicken minced, that would be better. They will become little kibbles and your kitten can digest them easily.

You must give it in small amounts and within 7 days you should get weaning done.

If your kitten feed 3-4 times then I would suggest that you should give the kitten small amounts of chicken boil and Cerelac. Feed it this first 3 times, then 2 times, then 1 time and then don’t let it drink milk at all.

In fact, the mother doesn’t allow it anyways if it starts to eat food from the outside.

If Kitten Is 52-65 days Old, What Should We Give It?

Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months?

At that time weaning is done, so at this, it is converting to dry food or whatever homemade food it is being given. But during the 52-65 days you will only give it chicken boil and Cerelac.

If your kitten is of 60 days age, I would recommend that you make it leave Cerelac and till 65 says you should continue with chicken boil.

During the 52-65 day period, you must feed it 3-4 times like 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm. And you can adjust this timing to your convenience.

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If Kitten Is 65 to 90 days old, How Will You Feed It?

Basically, for 65 days, you have to change the food a lot. You have to give a chicken boil, rice and egg boil.

Now you can use chicken boil up to 75 days and with that give it the whites of an egg boil every 2 days and remember that you must not give it the yolk because mostly the egg yolk contains a lot of protein by which your cat may get diarrhea.

If you’re getting your animal vaccinated, then it may be that the animal would be in a stressed condition. Now you have the egg every 2 days.

After that, you will give your animal boiled rice after it reaches 75 days. The rice should be a complete mesh. If you grind it and mix it with chicken then that would be great. You can check that does it eat the rice with chicken or not?

What Will You Feed Your Kitten From 90-180 Days Of Age?

Basically from 3 months to 6 months age. I would suggest that you give it cat food, chicken boil, egg boil and if you are giving egg boil then give it the whites one day and the yolks on the other day so that your animal’s nutrition is maintained.

Other than this you can use some oil as well like coconut oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil can be used as well.

Now dry food, chicken boil, rice boil and egg plus oil, this is such a balanced diet that your animal healthy and maintained.

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What Will You Feed Your Kitten From 6 to 9Month Of Age?

Persian Kitten Diet Plan From Birth To 9 Months?

Now your kitten is 6 months old. So from 6 months to 9 months, you can continue the food that I told you and you can even add vegetables to it like carrots.

Cats eat carrots with great joy. At least my cat eats carrots with such joy. You can add potatoes as well. And you should give it in a very low amount.

If you’re getting 1kg chicken then you should get about 150 grams of carrots which I’d about 15% of the chicken, beef or mutton, whatever you are using then the vegetables should be about 15-20%.

Keep giving your animal a balanced diet so that it stays healthy and maintained and I hope that you have understood all the points related to your kitten and it’s nutrition.

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Final Words

The reason I told you the whole of this food recipe is so that your kitten stays healthy, you don’t face any problem and you get a healthy kitten because when your kitten is 6-9 months old then it will come on heat. If it’s a male then it comes on heat after 9 months. If it’s a female and you give it a balanced diet with good food then it won’t face any problem after being on heat.


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