9+ Natural Ways For Cat Flea Treatment – Cats and fleas in the same breath and in the same sentence hey I feel your pain. While there is no true replacement for taking your cat to the vet and receiving professional care and expert flea removal and flea control, there are several natural remedies that you can apply that are both safe and effective.

If you’re fighting the battle against fleas and unsure what to do with your cat and how to secure your home? Then here are 9+ Natural Ways For Cat Flea Treatment.

9+ Natural Ways For Cat Flea Treatment

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Arguably the most effective deterrent against fleas is apple cider vinegar. Easily diluted by mixing one part vinegar and two parts water and placed in a spray bottle apple cider vinegar can be lightly sprayed on your cat. As a critical warning never spray near your cat’s eyes or in open wounds.

Additionally make sure this process takes place outdoors. While being sprayed with a liquid is certainly not a thrilling adventure some cats will be more tolerant than others. If spraying is completely out of the question simply dip a comb into the solution and mix it with a marketed flea killing treatment product .

2. Baking Soda

Mixing baking soda with salt can serve as a positive flea remedy. While this process will not eliminate flea eggs it will kill the majority of existing fleas. Simply mix apply like a shampoo, rub and then wash away with water.

Baking soda and salt in combination can also remove.fleas from your home. Simply sprinkle the solution on your carpet overnight and then gently wash and vacuum the applied areas in the morning.

This same technique can also be used on most sofas ,chairs and other fabric furnishings.

3. Salt

Expanding further on the use of salt as a flea treatment salt isolated is a good natural alternative because it dries out fleas quite literally and kills them. Well you should always avoid applying salt to areas of fur around your cat’s mouth and eyes.

A salt application to the rest of the body insecure skin areas is safe and should do the trick. Once you apply the table salt, epson salt or any salt of your choosing monitor your cat make sure they do not directly lick any heavily applied areas. After 20 or 30 minutes have passed gently remove any salt build-up with water, this will not only eliminate the chances of salt consumption but also prevent any type of skin reaction.

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As a word of advice salt treatment is most helpful on short-haired cats as you can reach the skin much easier and far more effectively. You can also remove the salt with much greater success .

4. Aloevera

While aloe-vera gel has been used seemingly forever as a remedy to soothe burns cuts and generally irritated skin. Aloe-vera gel can also be used to repel fleas.

Additionally the gel can calm and soothe your cat’s skin if flea bites have truly gotten the best of your feline companion. Comfort is key and aloe vera can provide it while solving your flea problem because aloe vera does not kill fleas make it a point to apply this treatment outdoors, just in case existing fleas head for the exits.

5. Leamon Juice

Eiher added to water or directly applied as a spray lemon juice can act as a solid natural flee deterrent. Want to get a little more creative and hands-on, consider cutting a lemon in half and rubbing it on your cat’s fur.

While the concept individual can be a bit comical it can also be of great benefit. The smell of citrus serves as a natural repellent police can’t stand citrus.

However, as with many natural remedies there is a potential obstacle cats are generally not fond of citrus either the smell is not pleasant this means that your cat may enter a period of stress and anxiety while attempting to avoid or a quote-unquote outrun the smell.

Every cat is different it’s worth a shot in the short term especially if this is your most convenient option. If you have multiple cats apply lemon juice to one and gauge the reaction. If it’s a negative you could ditch this measure for something more promising.

6. Garlic

while garlic is indeed a natural remedy it can be a dangerous one if specifics are not followed. The general notion suggests that garlic in the blood kills fleas, essentially what transpires is your cat consumes garlic and once bitten by fleas, the fleas die as garlic found in your cat’s blood acts as a toxin.

Yeah! You have a right to be a little suspicious about this one because it’s quite complex. The tricky part is that garlic can also be toxic to cats. This is why small amounts of cloves or powdered garlic is the best solution. Handle this one with care and please consult your vet before taking any time of action.

Based on your cat’s weight and general overall health your vet may suggest that you try something different. If you’re sold on the idea of garlic make it a priority to consult a professional.

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7. Cedar Wood

Whether massaged into your cat skin or sprain as a diluted solution the essential oil known as cedar wood is a quality natural treatment.

However, similar to citrus some cats do not enjoy the smell of cedar wood, so we encourage you to place a small amount on your cat’s fur and skin and see how your pet reacts. Chances are that your cat will quickly provide a yay or nay verdict. If your cat is calm and happy cedar wood could be your diamond in the rough.

8. Lavender Oil

Staying on the topic of essential oils lavender oil can make for a respectable flea repellent. Lavender is the perfect combination. Stinky to fleas yet calming to cats.

Do you have a nervous bundle of fur? If so lavender oil to the rescue. Have you ever read some info about how lavender can work for you? The ability of lavender to set a relaxing mood for us humans? Well the same can work for your cat.

While lavender is indeed a quality repellent like many items on our listing it will not kill fleas. This is important especially for your first application. You know the rule to the outside world we go.

The last thing you want is to rate lavender invasion to cause fleas to jump from your cat to your carpet. this will make everything worse in grand fashion.

Take your furry pal outdoors, spray or rub a bit of oil on your cat’s fur and skin and then let this natural treatment work its repelling magic .

9. Herbs

Preparing a cocktail of herbs such as a mixture of peppermint, sage, lemongrass and rosemary can act as a flea repellent. Simply boil the herbs and water, allow for the proper cooling time and then store the cocktail in a spray bottle.

While spraying your cat can be hit or miss as we discussed. Some cats simply don’t mind the miss. It’s all about understanding your cat’s personality while also being responsible and protecting their eyes, mouth and known areas of sensitive skin.

Give this remedy a try as it is based on the objective of praying to vary a sense that fleas simply can’t stand .

10. Flea Comb

9+ Natural Ways For Cat Flea Treatment

In the same way that you likely grew your cat and remove excessive fur .a similar technique can be used to naturally rid your feline of fleas. By introducing a flea comb you can eliminate fleas without the need for chemicals.

Some basic steps include:

  1. Purchasing a flea comb : Not just any comb will do. A comb design for human hair is not a flea comb.
  2. While combing your cat keep a bowl of soapy water at the ready. Dip the comb after each stroke in the mixture. This will capture and kill fleas that are caught in the comb.
  3. The last thing you want to do is, comb out fleas and simply redeposit them in a new location during the next stroke.
  4. And finally a basic technique is start with your cat’s head and work your way down your cat’s body. Any fleas or eggs will be caught up in relative ease if you are using a high-quality comb that is designed for this practice.
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When we Comb Cat Twice A Day?

In terms of an effective schedule use a flea comb on your cat twice a day. This is especially true if you have a known invisible flea problem

If you’ve reached a stage where you’re not only seeing fleas but also scratching yourself into oblivion while gazing at the red welts that fleas have left on your skin combing out your cat twice daily perhaps more should be in order and once again don’t forget your soapy water.

The practice is doomed to fail without a proper dip. Consider doing this treatment outdoors or perhaps in your garage because this will help to ensure that any runaway fleas are running away from your living space.

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What Other ways Can you Deter Fleas?

9+ Natural Ways For Cat Flea Treatment

In addition to the 10 natural remedies we’ve discussed as well as the known professional care and vet recommended prescribed treatments that you can most always lean on. There are a few more avenues you can explore.

  • Dehumidified your home is an option. while this will make your house as dry as a bone for a time. Dryness prevents eggs from hatching and will kill existing fleas.
  • Another option which is largely known is regular vacuuming or daily vacuuming for that matter the more you vacuumed the more you’ll rid your home of fleas, fewer eggs equals fewer fleas.
  • Wash your clothes regularly and on high heat because fleas can’t survive in high temperatures. Turn up the heat and keep your clothes in the dryer for a bit longer usual becaise this will kill any fleas that just happen to be hanging on for dear life.
  • The final tip involves steam cleaning your sofa and other furnishings. Give your sofa for example a good cleaning, stubborn fleas will have no chance against a good steam cleaning especially if you hire a professional crew to handle the task.
  • In fact an expert crew could take care of your carpet, aforementioned sofa and other furnishings in just a couple of hours you’ll have to pay of course but it could be your saving grace when all is said and done.

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