12 Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

In this blog we discuss the most popular beliefs regarding Ragdolls cats. And we’ll see which ones are true and which ones are nothing more than a myth! Before we start, I just want to let you know that “every animal plays an important role for us and when we adopt them it’s our responsibility to take care of them”.

Let’s begin this interesting topic!

Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

1. Ragdolls Are Lap Cats

Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

This one is…somewhat true!

There are Ragdolls out there that love laps, but there are also Ragdolls that don’t. I would say there are 50% chances your Ragdoll will be a lap cat.

Which is understandable, as each cat is unique. Besides, Ragdolls have quite the coats – it’s no wonder not all of them want to sit on a warm lap.

2. Ragdolls Go Limp In Your Arms

The most famous rumor, in my opinion. It’s a trait that’s highly attributed to Ragdolls, and it’s how these cats got their name.

But is it actually true?

Ragdolls are usually laid-back cats. They will tolerate being held while also maintaining their relaxed way of being. Some like it, but there are also the ones who hate being in someone’s arms.

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Overall, I would say this one is mostly true!

3. Ragdolls Love Food

Absolutely true!

“Love” is actually an understatement here. Ragdolls would do anything for food, from jumping on furniture to opening drawers.

They’re also prone to getting chubby. But really, can you blame them? Because the fact is food is one of the best things in life.

4. Ragdolls Are Hypoallergenic

Ragdolls are a low allergenic breed, but they still produce allergens. As such, they’re not entirely hypoallergenic.

However, mildly allergic people might tolerate living with a Ragdoll. It’s no guarantee, though, so this one is somewhat false!

5. Ragdolls Love Cuddles

Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

Ragdolls aren’t just fluff balls; they’re also cuddle bugs. Most Ragdolls are affectionate, either by forcing you to pet them or by following you everywhere.

They also enjoy a well-placed scratching session. So this is definitely true! Make sure to fulfill this need to have a happy Ragdoll.

6. Ragdolls Are Floppy Cats

This couldn’t be more real!

Ragdolls are famous for living la “Pura Vida.” They love staying in the most adorable positions, often laying on their backs.

When they really want attention, they’ll sit on their backs and flop around. It’s impossible to resist them, and they quickly learn this. This charming trait is my favorite thing about them!

7. Ragdolls Are Smart

Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

This one is definitely true!

Ragdolls are pretty clever. They can be taught tricks, learn to open doors and drawers and tell how you feel. Ragdolls quickly remember where you keep their food, so there’s no hiding it away from them!

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Additionally, they’re not ashamed to “beg” for food since they immediately learn it works.

8. Ragdolls Are Low Maintenance

The true thing is Ragdolls are more fur than cats. Even if some do fine with just a regular brushing session a week, most will need more frequent sessions.

They can also get fur mats, which are not only painful for the cat but painfully hard to get rid of.

This is mostly false!

9. Ragdolls Are Lazy

Most Popular Beliefs Regarding Ragdolls? Its A Truth Or A Myth?

In this case, pictures are more meaningful than words! But yes, Ragdolls love to relax.

By the way, can we get a like for these fluffy fellows?

They occasionally have bursts of energy, but these are usually short-lived. For example, when playing with a feathered teaser, they prefer to lay on the ground and wait for the toy to get to them.

It’s an adorable trait indeed, but one that could make them a bit rounder than the normal.

10. Ragdolls Are A High-Tech Experiment

If you’re not familiar with this breed’s history, you’re probably shocked to hear this one. However, the breed’s creator really believed this and continuously spread the rumor.

I can assure you that Ragdolls, out of all the breeds I read about, have the most incredible history.

Needles to say, there isn’t any proof to fuel this belief, so this one is a myth!

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11. Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes

I read some comments saying that Ragdolls can also have yellow eyes, and I want to shed some light on this topic.

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And here’s the truth: purebred Ragdolls have blue eyes. This is the only color allowed. If your cat resembles a Ragdoll but has amber eyes, it’s either a mix or just a regular cat.

Even if rare, this exquisite pattern can randomly occur in nature. So this one is definitely true, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if your cat is a specific breed or not.

12. Ragdolls Are Dog-Like

If by dog-like you mean a cat constantly following its owners around, affectionate, intelligent, with love for the outdoors, then the answer is a big yes!

Ragdolls are renowned for being dog-like but don’t expect a cat to act precisely like a dog.

That being said, they’re indeed perfect for people looking for an affectionate companion. But there are more things to consider when choosing this breed.







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