Maine  Coons V/S Norwegian Forest Cats. The kings of fluffiness – Maine  Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats! Ever wondered which one should you get? Or maybe you just can’t see the differences between them? Well, today that’s exactly what I’ll do! A spot-on comparison between these two fluffy monsters. 

Let’s begin!

Maine Coons V/S Norwegian Forest Cats – How To Identify Them?


At this one,  Maine Coons win! However, Norwegian Forest Cats, or  Wegies for short, are very close behind!

Maine Coons weigh between 8 and 25 pounds,  while Wegies are between 8 and 20 pounds. Of course, there might be some individuals weighing even more, but they’re the exceptions.

So if you’re determined to have the best chances of getting a giant cat, a Maine Coon looks like the better choice. But frankly, both of them get pretty big. Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats take up to 5 years to fully reach their size.

Just remember big cats need big homes, so make sure you have the suitable space for them.

What About Their Coat Colors?

Both Maine Coons and Wegies have pretty much the same possible colourations. Basically, all colours and patterns are allowed, with the exceptions of a few that show outcrossing.

So whatever colour you’re into, you can get it. At least in theory, as some colours are harder to find than others. When doing my research, I read somewhere that most  Norwegian Forest Cats are black or grey with white.

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I’m not sure if this is the case, but if you’re a breeder, please comment down below.

What About Their Coats?

Maine Coons V/S Norwegian Forest Cats - How to Identify Them?

Both of them have incredibly dense and double-layered coats. They moult in the spring and shed when autumn comes. In my opinion, Norwegian Forest Cats look fluffier than Maine Coons, at least in their winter coats.

Both of them have unbelievably bushy tails and regal manes to keep them safe from the cold. Maine Coons also have shorter hair on the shoulders.

Here are two pictures of these cats side by side. Can you guess which one is a Wegie and which one is a Maine Coon? If you guessed the left one is a Maine Coon, you’re correct.

And just in case you’re wondering,  yep, these cats need to be groomed. They need to be brushed once or twice a  week and any mats formed need to be removed.

Their Face Structure?

Even if you cannot tell right from the start, there are differences between a Norwegian  Forest Cat and a Maine Coon Cat.

The face of the Wegie looks like a triangle. The face of the Maine  Coon is more like a rectangle. The rectangle is not perfect, though.

Maine Coons V/S Norwegian Forest Cats - How to Identify Them?

The easiest thing to look for is the muzzle  – Maine Coons have a strong, square muzzle. It’s one of the top reasons  Maine Coons are so famous,  as it makes them look strong and confident.

It’s the main thing to look out for when you’re trying to tell them apart! Even so, it may be hard to do at first,  and you’ll have to pay attention. But if you practice enough, you’ll get better.

Maine Coons V/S Norwegian Forest Cats - How to Identify Them?

Furthermore, their profiles are different. In Maine Coons, there’s a visible dip at the base of their noses. Their muzzles are blunt-ended.

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A Norwegian Forest Cat’s profile lacks the pronounced dip, and you can almost draw a  straight line from their foreheads to their chins. Their chins are slightly rounded.

Additionally, their eyes are a tiny bit different.

Let Me Tell You How?

Both breeds have large, almond-shaped eyes set at a slightly oblique angle. However, the eyes of a Maine Coon are farther apart than the eyes of a Wegie.

Again, not an easy thing to notice, but hopefully, it helps. Overall, the gaze of the Norwegian  Forest Cat is sweeter and warier.

The Maine Coon’s look is bolder,  so it’s up to your preference. All eye colours are allowed in these cats. And another remarkable fact: Wegies and Maine  Coons can have lynx tips, even if it’s not a must. Their ears, on the other hand, have to be…hairy!


This is where things get interesting. Both of them appeared a long time ago. Wegies came from Norway and were featured in Viking legends and poems, which means they existed 1000 years ago!

Norwegian Forest Cats used to live, as their name implies, in the forests. Their original Norwegian name is Skogkatt, which means forest cat.

Wegies have perfectly adapted to their harsh and cold environment. Their claws are so strong that they can climb rocks!

Maine Coons, on the other hand, originated in the Maine United States. They are perfectly adapted to their climate too.

There are lots of stories that  try to explain their origin. And no, the raccoon one isn’t  true, but I wish it was it’s even possible that Norwegian Forest Cats are actually the ancestors of Maine Coons, making their ways on ships from Europe.

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In truth, no one really knows how Maine Coons came to be. Both of them were prized mousers back in the day and highly appreciated as pets.

What About Their Personalities?

Both of these breeds are seen as gentle giants. Maine Coons and Wegies are moderate to active cats, loving and gentle towards their people.

They may be shy around strangers but are very good at detecting your emotions. They are family-oriented cats with just a touch of independence.

They’re big cats, but they prefer to chirp and trill instead of meowing. It’s said that Wegies love tall places, while Maine Coons prefer the ground.

But Maine Coons can love climbing too!

I’m not going too much into detail. What I  can say is this. Both breeds are great cats!

Let’s Talk About Their Price

Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats aren’t cheap. As it’s the case with every pedigree cat. The price for a Maine Coon  varies between 1000$ and 3000$.

Here’s one thing that could pose some problems – their availability! If you’re from the US, you won’t have any trouble finding a Maine Coon.

Sadly, Wegies are pretty hard to come by! Even so, if you want one, you can make it happen.

If you’re from Europe, you should have no problem finding a Norwegian Forest Cat. If you can’t afford one, think about adopting a cat instead.

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Maine Coons live on average 13 years, while Norwegian Forest cats have a  better life expectancy of about 15 years. In my opinion, 2 years is a pretty big difference,  but these are just the average numbers.


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