Well, ladies and gentlemen Is it safe to eat food a cat has licked? It is a bit of a doozy and I’m well aware that it will not apply to most owners. However, because ownership topics of all stripes are indeed very important and we thought we did touch on this one just briefly. Here at catsbin, we talk all the time about food safety and how to keep your cat away from your kitchen table, dining room table and any risky high-traffic areas.

We also talk about the essential need for wet cat food and how meals that are made for human consumption are frowned upon.

Let’s just talk about the fact that it has happened right, wrong or indifferent intentional or accidental your cat has licked that piece of pizza. Can you eat? It is it safe?

Is It Safe To Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

Is It Safe To Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

What if food that is meant for you has been licked by your cat and while the intentional or accidental conversation can be saved for another day? The answer is you certainly can consume food that has been licked by your cat although, it is not sanitary that much is a given. Your pet is an animal, so engage at your own risk.

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Remember, it’s not always about what’s naturally within your cat’s mouth but where that mouth has been that is the bigger concern. Even if your cat stays indoors this is why bacteria and parasites could be transmitted from your cat to your mouth if you were to consume food that has been licked by your pet.

  • Your cat uses the restroom and washes up.
  • Your cat grooms constantly you know what I’m getting at.
  • Children the elderly and individuals with a weakened immune system are at the highest risk for illness and,
  • Disease from consuming food that has been licked by the family cat.

Why You Can’t Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

Just think of it this way, if your cat were to lick your arm or even playfully bite your arm would you then lick it? Think for yourself. Does anybody want to answer, certainly not! Right? That’s a big fat and everybody says a big No! I mean that’s nasty.

Well, if you think that’s gross that’s pretty much what happens if your cat licks food that’s made for human consumption and then you turn right around and eat it.

You can do what you want but it’s not safe, it’s not sanitary and it’s certainly not recommended.

From a cat health standpoint depending on what food they’re licking it could be harmful for them. Although we all love our cats that’s clear. Some boundaries do exist for a reason. Your cat shouldn’t be licking pizza for the same reason that you shouldn’t entertain wet cat food. Let’s keep those things in the boxes they belong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

Can You Get Rabies From Food That A Cat Licked? 

Sometimes people confuse about the situation if their cat licks or drools on them is it dangerous? Well, in simple words No.

You always remember if a person has direct contact with the saliva of an affected animal then rabies happen. It’s a fact that saliva come in direct contact with a mucus membrane or broken skin. Most of the creatures transmit rabies to humans through bites.

Is Cat Saliva Poisonous?

Yes, it’s very dangerous. Mark our words it’s a deadly thing.

What Happens If You Swallow Cat Saliva?

There is a list of infections behind this situation.

  1. The bacteria present in the cat saliva can cause skin infections. Flu-like symptoms like fever and chills.
  2. Rabies is the most dangerous.
  3. Meningitis diseases happen.

Can Rabies Transmit Through A Lick?

Is It Safe To Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

It’s a very common question because the fear factor plays a role here. As we told above it is only transmitted through open wounds. If a cat scratches or bites you then there is a chance virus enters your body.


The summary here is to keep your cat at bay. Don’t even give them a chance to lick food that is meant for you.

It is not only can it cause the issues that I’ve mentioned here but it can create an unhealthy pattern or a negative pattern. If your cat is allowed to be near your food then they’ll view it almost always as an open invite.

If you start to push them away they’ll get confused. It’s much easier to stop things before they start than attempt to put an end to things much later.

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Final Words About Is It Safe To Eat Food A Cat Has Licked?

Accidents certainly happen but if you are willing to allow your cat near your food and perhaps even on your dining room table well like I mentioned boundaries exist for a reason. With all of that said I’ll now turn things over to you. This is a curious topic, to say the least, so we’re very anxious to get everyone’s opinion.

On a personal level, I’ll just say that I can’t envision a situation where I would willingly let my cat lick my food. I’ll pass but hey! Different strokes different folks I guess, so what say you about all of it? Are your cats just walking all over your kitchen counters pouring iced tea at the dinner table what’s going on here?

Have you ever eaten food that was touched by your cat? We’ll certainly love to know about it.


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