7+ Treatnents About How To Treat Cracked Cat Paws? – Because cats spend a lot of time on their feet their paws can become dry and cracked over time. This is especially true if a cat is allowed to spend a lot of time outdoors on a regular basis. While some paw dryness is just a natural part of the aging process.

Extreme dryness and cracking can give way to intense pain and infection if the issue is not taken care of in a proper manner.

In this blog we will detail several internal and external ways that you can treat your cat’s paws in an effort to get them healthy, smooth and pain-free.

7+ Treatments About How To Treat Cracked Cat Paws?

7+ Treatments About How To Treat Cracked Cat Paws?

The first recommended external treatment on our

1. Vaseline

Serving to keep your cat’s pads smooth and healthy vaseline can be applied two to three times per week. It’s critical to note that Vaseline is safe for cats.

As we all know and this is true for any external application cats will inevitably lick their paws and lick whatever substance has been applied. Vaseline is safe to ingest in small amounts, so your feline will be fine.

2. Olive oil

Pure and more natural compared to Vaseline olive oil can heal cracked and dried paws buy soothing them because olive oil is comprised of several important acids and vitamins. It can act as a positive moisturizer for your cat’s paws.

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As a helpful tip massage in a bit of warm olive oil, nothing hot just a touch above room temperature. If your cat’s paws are dirty clean them off with a damp cloth before applying the oil.

3. Coconut Oil

This treatment is good for soothing and also the removal of bacteria because cracked paws are more susceptible to infection coconut oil can reduce that risk due to its antibacterial properties. Safe to ingest just a bit of coconut oil goes a long way. Apply a small amount and gently massage in.

4. Fish Oil

When it comes to an internal and external remedy fish oil can work both ways containing three fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties . Fish oil can heal your cat’s paws not only can this oil work directly but due to the fact that your cat will likely lick most of it off the oil can work in other ways.

As a means to encourage your cat to sit still during an application process offer your feline some treats, reward your cat after each paw has been treated.

5. Proper Hydration

7+ Treatments About How To Treat Cracked Cat Paws?

The fifth treatment Option to heal dry and cracked paws is the internal aspect of proper hydration, clean and fresh water. Cats get most of their moisture from wet food. Mostly felines often neglect fresh water and this can leave your cat lacking proper hydration .

Just as your own skin can become cracked and dried due to a lack of fluids the same can hold true when it comes to your cats feet. The combination of fresh water with food is designed to promote healthy skin and fur, can work in tandem. This will serve to increase moisture levels.

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6. Zinc

Cats often experience crack pause when their diet lacks the proper amount of zinc. A lack of zinc can also cause poor fur growth and dry and tough skin. Consult your vet and inquire about adding zinc supplements to your cat’s diet.

2.5 to 5 milligrams of a zinc supplement each day for 14 days can dramatically improve the condition of your cat’s paws. In respect to diet red meat and poultry are both excellent sources of zinc, however supplying this food for your cat especially in raw form is not something that every owner is comfortable with doing.

Not to mention the risk of transferring disease within your own kitchen space.

Again we ask that you consult your vet for zinc supplement and dietary tips and advice before taking any bold measures independently.

7. Protein

Generic and low-quality cat foods are often packed with filler rather than what your cat truly needs. Although protein is a bit more expensive it is an essential piece to the puzzle.

Make it a priority to seek out better yet affordable food selections that are rich in protein because this nutrient is the building block for positive skin and fur. Low protein levels could be the reason for your cats dried, cracked and even bloody paws.

8. Puppy Or Cat Booties

Our final direct treatment and prevention method involves puppy booties or in this case cat booties. Funny right? A cat with little shoes. Hey! It can work wonders.

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When your cat walks around especially outdoors the surface is filled with all types of chemicals objects rough areas etc. This is why most people don’t walk barefoot outdoors. There’s a potential hazard with every step.

By applying booties to your cats feed you can protect them from the elements. Booties are also a good option if your cat is currently being treated for dry and cracked paws. You can continue to treat the issue without the situation getting worse with every passing step. Check your local pet store and see if booties for your feline could be a positive course of action .

Final Words Or My Opinion To You

7+ Treatments About How To Treat Cracked Cat Paws?

You can also say this opinion is number 9. Rounding out our list at number nine is neither a form of treatment or prevention but rather a simple choice is keep your cat indoors.

In many cases this basic act will serve to eliminate most of your cats issues as it relates to dry and cracked paws. Unless a dietary issue is to blame keeping your cat on safe, clean and soft surfaces will be a game-changer.

So nine up and nine down and that’s a wrap.


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