How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During Whole Night And Not Wake You Up? Dogs are considered the best pet for many years. But now, the cats are also considered the best pet. Many people in the word want to choose cat as a pet, between dog and cat. I am also the owner of 2 cats. I love cats more than a dog due to a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, most of the owners disturbed with their cat because there cat not sleep during the whole night and wake up them too early. So, I have a solution for it.

In this blog, we will talk about How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During Whole Night And Not Wake You Up?

So, lets come to the topic and understand how you can deal with it.

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During Whole Night And Not Wake You Up?

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During Whole Night And Not Wake You Up?

Play With Your Cat

First, you should do a lot of activities with your cat during the day at least two times a day for 15-20 minutes. You should play with your cat in many ways for example with a toy, playing fetch, teaching tricks, agility or letting them solve puzzles.

How Do I play With My Cat?

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During Whole Night And Not Wake You Up?

I play with my cats at least three times a day. Also, we go every second day on a walk mostly an H end of the leash for two to three hours.

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If you have an indoor cat I highly recommend taking it on regular walks into nature. I play with my cats after breakfast then, after the second meal which is between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and the last time one hour before sleeping time.

It is very important to play with your cat shortly before going to sleep, so it doesn’t start to play during the night. After every play session, the cat should lay on the side and feel very tired.

Interesting Resources For Your Cat

The second step is to check your home if it has enough interesting resources for your cat. There should be at least two big cat trees. I also recommend tunnels, a catwalk, a big scratching post and if you have a balcony give the cat access to it.

Some Recommendations From Me To You

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep During WholeNight And Not Wake You Up?

I recommend keeping the cat safe on the Marigny with a safety net. If you don’t have a balcony you can put a grid on a window. If you have an indoor cat it’s very important that you give it access to the outdoors at least to some degree, so it can enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

I also highly recommend if you have an indoor cat which is alone to get another cat for companionship and play. Cats are very social and need contact with their species.

The exception would be an older cat which is known to be aggressive to male and female cats. But it also should be noted that cats can be aggressive to other cats because of a kept wrong. For example due to lack of resources or lack of play. All the cats were socialized wrongly to each other.

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Both of my cats go to sleep around midnight. I always go to sleep a little bit later. Of course, you can train your cat to go to sleep earlier than midnight. Both get up around 10 a.m. but, if I get up earlier they do that too.

Most of the night they sleep next to me. I prepared to place for them to sleep next to my pillow. At night, my bedroom doors closed because I feel safer like that. In my bedroom is a litter box, a bowl of water and plenty of sleeping places for my cats.

I got my kids used to that from the beginning and they never had a problem with that. In our nine years together my cats never stood in front of the closed bedroom door and complained about it.


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