How To Train A Cat To Cross Through Hoops?

How to train a cat to cross through hoops? Teaching your cat to jump through a hoof is also more than just entertainment – it’s a good way to physically and mentally challenge your cat, making it quite beneficial for most cats.
Training a cat to jump through a hoof is as easy as it may seem. Of course, be sure to talk to your vet before starting this training with your cat. You will want to make sure that your cat does not have any physical condition, such as arthritis, which can make this practice painful or inconvenient for her.

It is easy to teach your cat to jump through an enclosure and a great party trick that all your guests will love. It is not common, after all, to see a cat that can perform tricks on demand. This small feat will make your kitty oh so special in the eyes of others, and whenever you come to meet them, they will ask you to do so.

Let’s come to the topic How To Train A Cat To Cross Through Hoops?

How to train a cat to cross through hoops?



How To Train A Cat To Cross Through Hoops?

Ready, Set, Jump!

Start With The Basic

If your kitten is completely new to training, then begin to teach him to link behavior to rewards. Target training is a good first step: use a treat, a toy, or a little bit of tuna or other soft food at the end of a spoon to entice your cat to follow your hand or goal.

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Choose The Right Hoop

A child-shaped hula hoop is ideal, but make sure to avoid hoops that make noise or light (lights and noise can be scary for your cats). The agility of a small dog or cat often includes hoops that come with a simple stand, which can be used later in your training.

Get Familiar With Hoop

Start by placing the hoop on the ground and let your cat explore it. The drop behaves in and out of the enclosure to encourage its cat to locate. Once your cat is freely approaching and moving around the enclosure while it is flat, lifts it up, either by holding it with your hand or moving into its stand. Give your cat a chance to get used to this new situation. Reward your cat for your efforts – Start by rewarding her for touching a straight circle with her nose.

Workaround The Circle

Once comfortable with him, hold the hoop reliably so that it touches the ground and uses a target or lure to pull the cat. You may also need to start by rewarding small steps towards the hoop – eventually, your cat will move its entire body through the hoop. First, he may need several rewards to entice him to walk through the enclosure. As he becomes more comfortable, reward him only when his body has completely passed through the circle. Gradually move from using the target or lure to grab it through the hoop to lead your cat and invite your cat to walk through the hoop to receive its reward.

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Raise The Bar – Or Indeed, The Hoop

Once your cat is voluntarily moving through the enclosure, it’s time to close the enclosure. Move slowly: Lift the hoop only an inch or so at a time and keep it at a new height until you are sure that your cat is comfortable with this change. This may mean that your cat will continue to walk through the hoof for a while before it is high enough to cause the need to jump. If your cat goes under or around the hoof, don’t reward it – instead, reset and try again. You may need to lower the height as long as it is passing through the enclosure once again.

How To Train A Cat To Cross Through Hoops?

Add A Cue

Once your cat is constantly chasing targets or jumping from the loop, it is time to add a verbal or physical cue. Say Q – “Jump” – or make a signal of your chosen hand and immediately aim or lure in the opposite direction of the circle. When your cat is through the enclosure, reward it.

Fade The Lure

How To Train A Cat To Cross Through Hoops?

As he begins to learn the cue, wait a few seconds between saying a word or making a hand gesture and presenting greed; this should teach him to jump through the hoop in response to the cue, not greed. Continue using the new cue while reducing greed or target size. Reward your cat with a treat bag or a spoon with a food lick to pass by that you have ready, rather than tempting yourself. Ultimately, you should be able to overcome greed by yourself and use just the cue and a follow-up reward to jump through the hoop.

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Jumping through the enclosure is a fun way to entertain guests; this is an easy way to spend time with your cat and exercise. Give it a try today!

Practice this several times a day for a few weeks, and eventually, you can substitute your arms for some kind of real enclosure, such as a hula hoop, and he’ll jump on command, even Without controlling so closely beforehand. It is easy to train your cat to do this trick.

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Watch How To Train Your Cat To Jump Through A Hoop

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