This blog explains How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning, Initial Step Guide. During quarantine most of the people take a resolution, to teach our furry baby (cats). So let’s come to the point of how to start cats training during quarantine from the beginning and what is the initial step you can perform.

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning?

Become The Favourite Person Of Your Cat

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning

Whenever they (cats) are taken away from their mo siblings and mother, they will find new sources of support and care in the new family environment, and this is the person they will use as a reference point to understand the whole world. So the point is, if you want to teach, it’s necessary to become the favorite of your furry baby.

How cats choose a favourite person?

For training, it’s must necessary because the cat can’t follow the instructions of yourself if she (cat) can’t choose you as a favorite person. Your cat’s favorite person may be someone who takes care of her, plays with her, never punish her, who gives her treat, and gives her more time.

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I discussed before that cats tend to prefer social relationships, so it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female.

Spend Time With Her

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning

If you spend more time with her, your cat will like you and become your friend. Cats can move forward only when they feel safe. Therefore, if you spend more time with her, your cat will start to like you and become more comfortable than others.

In this case, your cat will feel safe and move towards you.

What was my first order to cat?

Ask them to sit

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning

It might be one of the most basic tricks to teach your cat, but it’s also among the most important. This trick is the foundation for all future tricks and teaches your little ball of fluff that tricks means treat. This is also a good time to introduce clickers or other auditory indicators to let your cat know they are doing well.

Can I Use Clicker

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning

Yes, you can use it. First, introduce the order and give snacks. Even if your cat doesn’t actually sit down, press gently on their back until they sit down and keep these snacks properly after clicking the clicker. When your cat is out of the sitting position, gradually reduce food and try to use clickers to enhance your commands.

Remember Patience

So now we’ve learned how to teach your cat to sit. you only need to remember to be patient, you can keep the snack (cookie) above the cat’s head, and wait patiently, you may have to wait for a while until the cat actually sits down, but when it does, don’t forget the clicked entry.

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How Clicker Helps Us

The reason we use the clicker is that it helps pets to know that they did their job correctly. It is like a communication tool. It helps us to communicate with pets easily. I think it’s better than a shout.

Sometimes a good pet represents his owner well. At this people think his owner has taught him all the good things.  As an owner, it is the responsibility of yourself to take care of your furry baby. If you like this blog share it with your friends, relatives, neighbor, etc.

Quarantine Is The Best Choice For Teaching?

How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine From The Beginning

Yes, its the best time for teaching because in quarantine you have a lot of time to spend time with your furry baby.

Summary Of Important Points To Remember

Become Favourite – Become the favorite person of your pet, at this your pet obeys the command of yourself.

Spend time – Spend time with your furry baby, it helps to make a bond between both of you.

Only give sit command – It is the first basic trick and this is the foundation for all future tricks.

Use Clicker – clicker helps in many ways like giving the command, praise, motivation, etc. It’s like a communication tool between both of you.

If we talk about Dogs, they were always man’s best friend and many homes have at least one dog. But now cats are also winning people’s hearts especially of those people who live in apartments and small houses. Then it’s your responsibility to teach your furry baby better things.

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If you want to know how to use the clicker for cats training then must read my article. The link is given below


How To Start Cats Training During Quarantine from The Basics – Youtube Video


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