How To Play With Your Cat Depending On Its Personality? This question is very common in the mind of a cat parent or those who want to become cat parent. Understanding a pet is difficult for new pet owners. Most cats aren’t “couch potatoes,” despite what people think, and need exercise to be content. The lack of it is the culprit to most of your cat’s behavioural issues! Luckily, proper playtime can solve most of these problems. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lets to the point and know about How To Play with Your Cat Depending On Its Personality?

How Exactly Can You Entice A Lazy Cat To Play?

How To Play With Your Cat Depending On Its Personality?

I think most of the people ask this question frequently and I know you also want to know what do you do about cats who bully other kitties?

Here are the best ways to play with your cat, depending on your cat’s personality:

Jumping Kitties

How To Play With Your Cat Depending On Its Personality?

Some cats love to chase, run and jump. The best toys for these kitties are long-ranged feathered teasers.

These toys are designed to simulate a bird’s flight. You can easily make your cat jump by rising and lowering your wand. Make your kitty chase the wand like it would chase prey from time to time.

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Lazy Kitties

Suppose your kitty prefers to sit on its back and wait for the wand. If so, Kitty isn’t burning that extra energy, which is what we’re looking for.

Here’s what you’ll need in this case:

  1. A bed or  a couch
  2. A bed cover and,
  3. A feathered stick

Hide the stick under the bed cover and let the party begin. Whenever I play this way with my lazy ginger boy, it works wonders, and he’s running around.

Kicking Kitties

Unfortunately, chasing toys isn’t enough for some cats. That’s because some kitties love rough play.

These cats bully other kitties just to sink their teeth into them.

Yes, this behaviour might be your fault if you play or used to play rough with your cat. But we’re not here to point fingers and frankly, the advice of simply stopping rough play doesn’t cut it for my cat.

So here’s how I solved this issue:

  • Firstly, I found a  perfectly-sized toy for kicking.
  • After playing with the feathered stick,  I take this toy and rub my cat’s belly.

Whenever you do this You can see your cat enjoying it, and check out that bunny kicking!

Note: If you want to make sure your hand is safe, go ahead and wear some gloves. And please don’t use your hand, it’s really not worth it.

In this way, I ensure my little bully doesn’t bother my other cats.

Dog-Like Kitties

How To Play With Your Cat Depending On Its Personality?

Usually, fetching is seen as a “dog” trait, even though not all dogs are into it. But some cats love this type of play as well.

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My brown tabby cat loves to fetch, and she kinda taught herself how to do it. She just brings me her favourite ball again and again until she gets tired.

Unfortunately, I can only play like this with her when she wants to.

Self-Playing Kitties

They’re a breeze, just like self-cleaning ovens!

When bored, these kitties will either play with stuffed toys or with their own tails. They can also get the “zoomies”  and sprint around the house.

Still, I think it’s nice to offer some variety and play with your cat from time to time.

Here’s what I wouldn’t recommend:

Electronic Toys- While they work for some kitties. Most will eventually realize they’re  “fake” and will get bored of them.

Catit Senses- Other interactive toys like Catit senses are great for some kitties, but the cats might ignore them after a while.

A trick is to hide them during the day and only give them to your cats when it’s playtime.

I think for most cats, there’s no shortcut when playtime is involved, and you’ll have to actively participate.

Now let’s answer some crucial questions!

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When Is The Best Time To Play With Your Cat?

How To Play With Your Cat Depending On Its Personality?

The standard advice is to play with your cat before each meal.

However, my cats are more into playing after their bellies are full. Also, they’re more active in the mornings and evenings and not so much at noon.

Just do what works for your cat.

How Do You Know If Your Cat Wants To Play?

Your cat can act strangely, like scratching the furniture or jumping at the door handle.

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Basically, anything that will get your attention!

This is different from affection-seeking behaviour. When the cat wants snuggles other cats get a “crazy look” and can even puff up.

My orange cat becomes restless, meows continuously, and stares at me. He also throws things on the floor or bullies my other cats.

These are all signs of boredom, and without proper playtime, your cat will feel miserable. It’s best to incorporate playtime into your routine so Kitty will know when to expect it.

Can A Second Cat Solve  Playtime For Your Current Cat?

This is a tricky one! And the answer is, it depends.

If you make the proper introduction and get a  cat with a similar playstyle and energy level, then yes, getting a second cat will do wonders!

But if you pick a random cat, it’s unlikely your two kitties will become best buddies. And it isn’t hard to understand why? If one of the cats loves wrestling and the other doesn’t, they won’t play together as one of them will feel threatened.

Also, if one of the cats is an innate boxer and the other isn’t, you can’t expect them to get along.

So if you want a play partner for your cat,  take the time to find the perfect cat.

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