Care is one of the best element you can do to gain the life of any living or non living creatures or things. I know you love your cat and wants to be with them for long years that’s why you came to this this subject matter. How to make your cat live longer? Don’t worry it’s possible to give your cat a long life.

The avererage lifespan of a cat is 14 to 15 years but catsbin helps you in this subject matter and raise the life of your cat.

How To Make Your Cat Live Longer?

Secret About How To Make Your Cat Live Longer?

While it should go without saying that there is no foolproof way or foolproof plan to ensure that your cat has a long life. There are however several things that you can do in an effort to put your cat on the right track.

We spend a lot of time here on catsbin talking about personal responsibility and being proactive as an owner. And so much of helping your cat to have a long and healthy life is all about your decisions and your actions.

Helping your cat enjoy those golden years all starts with you.

Regular Vet Visits

The first proactive measure that we’ll talk about here today involves regular vet visits. One could easily make the case that regular checkups could serve as the very foundation for this entire topic.

There’s not much to say here it’s all about having a plan and making sure that your cat receives professional care two to three times per year. Many health concerns can be addressed and treated with great success if they are found and detected early.

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Just a few vet visits during a calendar year can make a world of difference especially as your cat moves closer into its senior status.

Dental Health

When we talk about vet care we’re also talking about dental health and complete physical care from top to bottom.

Explore In General

There are many articles on google talking about ways to beat the heat, but there are many benefits also.

When it comes to a long life keeping your cat on the good side of the sun can be quite helpful not only from a heat exposure standpoint but exposure in general. And while many cats love to roam the great outdoors curiosity can get the very best of cats at times. And with plenty of dangers lurking from vehicles to snakes and various pests and toxins, it can be a wild world out there.

Over time, even if your cat has been on the good end of things the environment can take its toll, limiting your cat’s exposure or frankly just keeping them inside entirely can give your pet an excellent chance to unlock those golden years.

Meal On Time

Secret About How To Make Your Cat Live Longer?

We are what we eat right well, when it comes to cats it’s all about appropriate wet food that is high in protein.

Meat is the king and queen of this show. And while that’s not to say that dry food is entirely off the table cats need a healthy balance and that balance begins with proper a proper diet that is in a moist diet. And no we’re not forgetting fresh water is equally important keeping your cat hydrated is an absolute must.

Of course, you just can’t talk about food without talking about weight that is proper weight. Its a big factor when it comes to living the best life in those golden years is keeping a sound and healthy weight.

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In many ways, this heart gets back to those regular vet visits. Regular checkups can help to keep your cat in good way at standing. As the year’s press on heavy cats can encounter numerous health issues diabetes and arthritis being two of the most significant.

Keeping your cat fit can go a long way when attempting to keep father time at bay.


More specifically assisted grooming, so simple yet incredibly important. Not only can grooming remove any loose fur and debris thus making your cat look it’s very best.

Grooming can also allow you to notice any changes concerning your cat’s fur texture and skin. You know your cat and you know when something just doesn’t look right or feel right grooming in many ways is like a wellness pit stop. You can uncover a lot of things while removing loose fur.

Here again, it’s all about being proactive.


Now let’s talk about stimulation both physical and mental. Making sure your cat always stays sharp in every aspect is one of the keys to a long life.

If your cat is forced to think something like a food maze or something similar and baited into action honest play that is this is a very good thing unless your cat is unwell and simply not able to engage.

It’s vital that your pet stays alert and stays an active strong mind and strong body. I know I can’t turn on the tv these days without seeing folks talk about medications for a sound mind and ointments to keep those joints working and keep your pet stimulated.

They’ll have an even better chance of taking on those golden years and living a very long time.

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Top Tips To Increase Your Cat Logevity

Secret About How To Make Your Cat Live Longer?

  • Keep Them Indoors but remember leash walk is necessary.
  • Spaying or neutering is necessary.
  • Give them too much love and care.
  • Feed them wet food. It’s my personal trick which I can use.
  • Play with your cat.


And as we round the final turn and head for home we can’t talk health and wellness without speaking about the importance of a clean litter box.

Cats are creatures of habit and using a clean litter box should be something they come to expect and make no mistake.

I love my cat very much and give them care on time. Positive surroundings are quite important. What’s the expression look good, feel good well, the same is true for cats. If they exist in a clean and positive environment they’ll have a much better chance overall of living a longer life.

Before turning things I just like to conclude by saying that it’s all about the big picture. The full picture. Knowing and understanding your cat’s baseline in every aspect. This is vital, knowing your cat can help you a lot in times of trouble. You’ll always be able to tell when something just isn’t quite right because you know your cat’s baseline.

So much of a cat’s life is in our hands your hands, my hands and in simple they need us. In order to live out a long and happy life, they need us to notice those negative signs and help them during their time of need.

Being proactive once again that is the word of the day. And living a life of action as a loving cat owner. It can potentially help your pet live its very best life.


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