Today I will discuss with you How to keep Persian kitten or cat healthy. Persian cats in whichever phase, doll, semi punch or extreme punch or peaky face, mostly Persian cats have a lot of hair so you have to take extra care of them.

In most Asian countries like Pakistan, India etc. Persian cats are very readily available and most the people also prefer a long-haired cat breed. And today I will tell you some points to help you take care of your cat and keep it healthy and active.

let’s start.

How To Keep Your Persian Cat Healthy?

How To Keep Persian Kitten Or Cat Healthy?

First of all, I would recommend that if you’re buying a kitten then it should be at least 45 days old. If it’s older than 45 days then that is even better because then the kitten will be healthier.

The reason for this is that if the mother feeds her children for 45 days with milk, the passive immunity from the mother’s milk gets transferred to the kitten so your kitten will stay healthy. It will stay safe from viral and bacterial diseases.

The reason I told you this is that when you have to buy a kitten you have to keep this point in mind.

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What Are The Things We Perform To Keep Persian Kitten Or Cat Healthy?

How To Keep Persian Kitten Or Cat Healthy?

Deworm Your Cat At least 3 Times

First of all to make sure that you deworm your animal. In the second or third month you should get your animal dewormed.

If you have a kitten and you want to vaccinate it, then, I would recommend that you get it dewormed at least two to three times before vaccination. If it wasn’t dewormed in 28 days old and you’re buying it at 45 days old. I would recommend that you get it dewormed.

The reason for this is that roundworms can be transferred from the mother to the kittens in huge amount. These worms can get into your kitten’s intestines.

This is completely normal. And if you deworm your kitten properly then this problem won’t exist. This is the reason behind the 3 times deworm.

What Are The Stages Of Worms?

Worms have three stages. First is egg and second is NIV it is also called middle stage which can be called the middle stage and the third is the adult stage like if your kitten for cat vomits or diarrhoea then whitish roundworms can be seen so this is a sign that the cat is in its adult stage.

And after the deworming to get your kitten or cat vaccinated. There are two types of vaccines. Both are core vaccines and they both are very important. First vaccine is for rabies and the other is for three different diseases.

Extra Cate Of Its Feeding

After vaccination, you have to take extra care of its feeding. If 45 days it was on its mother feed and I would recommend that from 45 till 55 days slowly and gradually change its feed. For example, give a gap of 10 days if you want to switch it to a dry feed.

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When your kitten moves from its mother’s milk to a semi, solid or solid feed, that process is called weaning. It is a proper process in which we get the kitten to leave the mother’s milk and change its feed to something else.

How To Care Of A Long Hair Of Persian Cat?

How To Keep Persian Kitten Or Cat Healthy?

For its grooming is very important. You must groom it daily. Grooming has many advantages. You can get to know if your cat has fleas and secondly if you brush it daily then all the dead hairs of it will get separated from its body.

Those that hairs will fall weather when the cat licks itself. And the hairs will go in its stomach which we call hairballs or it can jump around if you pet it then the hairs will fall.

So if you brush it while grooming then your home or your sofa will not get dirty because of all the falling hair.

Omega 3 And Omega 6

After this, we have to take care of the fact that Omega 3 and Omega 6 should be in their feed. The reason for this is that Omega 3 and Omega 6 are responsible for making the hair shiny and strong so that your cat experiences less hair fall and it’s coat stays shiny, healthy and fluffy.

Most people like fluffy cats so you must give it Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

If you’re thinking that from where can we get Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids then I would recommend you that you use olive oil or coconut oil and also there are some dry fruits which have Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in them.

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