How To Keep Cats Cool In Hot Weather?

Helping your Cat to beat the heat is good thinking and it makes you a responsible parent. If you adopt a pet it’s your duty to take care of them. How to keep cats cool in hot weather? This is an interesting subject and after adopting techniques regarding this subject matter you’re not less than a superman in the eyes of your cat.

Let’s discuss about how to keep cats cool in hot weather and make ourselves hero in the eyes of your pet.

How To Keep Cats Cool In Hot Weather?

How To Keep Cats Cool In Hot Weather?


When it comes to keeping your cat cool on those hot days it’s all about meeting your pet’s essential needs and doing everything that you can to keep them safe from the extreme elements.

Hot days are extremely difficult for every creature on earth and if you are a cat parent it’s a responsibility to give them best from your side. How do cats keep cool on hot days? This is not a difficult thing where you use rocket science, you only take care of your cat in different ways.

While roaming the outdoors is fine even during those hot weather months. Moderation is key, always avoid extended stays.

Being proactive and monitoring your cat’s behavior can help to ensure that your pet can enjoy those backyard adventures while doing so in a healthy and safe fashion.

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When it comes to the positive steps that you can take to keep your cat cool we offer the following:


Grooming, in the previous article of catsbin we talked about trimming your cat’s fur during the hot weather months and the pros and the cons about it.

Fur trimming is not recommended unless done so by a professional grooming in an effort to remove loose fur is very much needed and this is something that you can do from your very own home. This is especially true if you have a long-haired cat.

With the use of fur removal combs and fur removal gloves, you can help your cat to rid itself of extra fur weight.

While still ensuring that your pet has enough fur to protect the skin against the heat.

Cold Towel

How To Keep Cats Cool In Hot Weather?

Does wetting a cat cool it down? I know you think about it at least once. Most of the cats hate getting wet that’s why don’t want to take a dip in water to cool off. But every problem has a solution and below you find it.

Another positive step involves the use of a cold towel. Every so often goes over your cat’s fur with a damp cloth or towel. This will help your pet to cool down especially if a bit of overexposure has taken place. In fact, you can use the damp cloth during the aforementioned grooming session.

Cool Air

It’s arguably the most important that your cat needs cool air. In the same way that you beat the heat thanks to air conditioning and fans. Cat needs to be exposed to the same luxuries.

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When your cat comes in from the great outdoors, make sure that your pet can cool down within the comforts of your home.

Cool Water

Of course, you can’t talk about cool air without talking about cool water. While it’s always important to provide your pet with these essentials. It becomes all the more important during the hot weather months.

keeping a bowl of fresh cool water on the ready is vital.

Cool Tiles

Some cats just love to follow their owners into that private area. Cats feel comfort when they rest on cool bathroom tiles.

When speaking on this topic keeping a cat cool in hot weather well, those tiles will take center stage. Once again bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles if your cat walks in from the heat they’d love nothing more than to fill cool air, drink cool water and relax on cool tiles.

Always give your cat some tiles to work with during those hot weather months.

The Warning Signs

Now, we’ve covered many of the basics and those cool-down essentials. Let’s talk about signs of a potential problem.

Here again, it all comes down to being proactive knowing what to look for and the importance of acting fast. Be mindful of panting, lethargy vomiting frequent diarrhoea no desire to eat or drink and also be mindful of footprints.

How Can I Tell If My Cat is Too Hot?

How To Keep Cats Cool In Hot Weather?

If you’ve noticed that your pet is leaving behind prints i.e a sign that your cat is just too hot. Sweaty paws or a red flag that your cat needs water and shelter as soon as possible.

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At the very first sign of trouble especially if the noted symptoms are in clusters, bring your cat indoors and don’t hesitate to contact your vet if your pet fails to recover after time indoors.

In most cases, cats will recover within an hour or so if not sooner if heat exhaustion is the culprit. However, prolonged exposure can lead to heat stroke.

If your cat collapses or falls unconscious this is an emergency and should be treated as such.

If the aforementioned symptoms continue to linger long after exposure to the elements has been eliminated contact a professional.


Before we close it should also be stated that a big part of being proactive simply involves staying up to date on the daily weather forecast. If that temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit always keep your pet indoors.

There’s just no reason to take the risk. Bring playtime inside and keep your pets safe.

Final Words From Catsbin

And with those helpful tips, I’ll now turn things over to you. I know there are many actions that can be taken proactive and in the moment, they can go a very long way in providing cats with comfort from the heat.

What are some of the tips that you use to put into motion during those hot weather months? Please share them right there in the comment section below.

What you have to offer could be beneficial to others and that’s what this is all about sharing for the better good of our pets.

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