This blog gives you some additional tips about How To Find Your Lost Cat?

How To Find Your Lost Cat

How To Find Your Lost Cat

This is what you have to do if you’re lost your cat because they’re very different to dogs, when they get out there. some cats are more bold and friendly and that’s fortunate if they are that way because they will go up to people but if you’ve got a nervous cat that will hide for a week and won’t come out even if it hears you calling it.

Often Cats Don’t Go Too Far

How To Find Your Lost Cat

So if you’ve got an indoor cat and there’s a difference between a bold cat that used to going in and out and it maybe doesn’t come back that cat but the indoor cat, some of them are nervous.

so, you must make allowances for that because people think if they can a call their cat it’ll come out to them, it doesn’t work that way. you’ll find that cat has does get settled where it is. You can be calling and calling it and it will hear you but it won’t move could it’s too afraid and it’s on territory that it’s not used to and it has to take time to get used to that territory.

Usually Often They can Be Very Close

How To Find Your Lost Cat

They could have gone under a house and you know sort of in a yard behind somewhere but they won’t come out. so you’ve got to be very patient

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What I advise people to do

Put your fliers out and if you can do this, then you can use your own scent which is your urine. collect it in a bottle, I know it’s not sounds pretty good for you but do it and then sprinkle it around because their sense of smell is very strong. Scatter that urine around the area, that also gives it a track to know how to get back to you with your scent there so do that.

Show Patience

Be patient because sometimes cats take a long time. You also put fliers around your neighborhood, even on your neighbor’s doorstep. They may have seen it, if it may be hiding in their yard but that’s what you can do with cats.

cats are very different when they’re lost  as compared to when dogs are so, remember that.

Steps You Can Perform To Find Your Lost Cat

How To Find Your Lost Cat

Now if you’re fortunate enough and you get a call from one of your neighbors or from someone in the neighborhood don’t think that you can just go and call your cat it come out, it won’t!

you have to go in the evening when everything is quiet. Preferably later on at night. so if you’re a woman take someone with you but go and sit, just sit and call and you may have to sit for a couple of hours but keep calling and calling and night time cats in the darkness feel safer and if they hear you calling in you’re prepared to spend your time sitting somewhere where she’s been sighted and also don’t worry too much because cats are pretty cute and I find that a lot of people do speed stray cats.

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so you may get a call from a neighbor, who’s thinks they’ve seen your cat. Don’t think that she’s just going to come to you.

She won’t!

you’ve just got to sit around the area. whenever she puts the food out and just sit there and wait patience is what you need with a cat you.

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