How To Buy A Kitten Or Cat? | Common Mistakes | How To Check Healthy Cat?

How To Buy a Kitten Or Cat? It’s a difficult thing. There is no Difficulty for buying a kitten or cat. The difficult is how to buy a healthy kitten or cat? I’ll tell you the things you need to know about if you want to buy a kitten or cat so that you may be safe from fraud and you could keep your kitten healthy. You have to ask a couple of questions from the owner of the kitten and you have to check the cat in yourself as well.

This blog gives you some tips so that you have a healthy kitten. Will discuss this in detail.

Come on let’s start.

How To Buy A Kitten Or Cat?

How To Buy A Kitten Or Cat?

You have to ask some questions from the owner and yet to check a few things by yourself as well.

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Let’s talked about the things we have to ask the owner.

How Old Is The Kitten

First of all, you have to ask how old is the kitten. Then you have to ask what’s the birthday of the kitten.

The answer to both these questions are the same but sometimes it happens that if the owner has more than one kitten they don’t quite remember when the kitten got delivered. That’s why you must ask these two questions.

The Cat Was Mother Fed Or Not?

The next question you have to ask is that if the cat was Mother fed or not. If yes then till when? I will suggest that you should buy a kitten of 45 days or older.

The reason for that is that if the kitten is on mother feed for 45 days its immunity is strong and It stays safe from viral diseases.

What Are The Things You Have To Check Yourself?

1. First of all place the kitten on the floor and try to check its activity level.

How To Buy A Kitten Or Cat?

Figure out how is he walking? Does it fall on the floor while walking? Is it walking properly so that you can get an idea if it has a problem in its feet on not?

2. Nextly you have to feed it something. If it was on mother feed you will face some difficulty trying to feed it.

The reason behind this is if we try to change the cat from Mother feed to any kind of solid or semi-solid feed then that process is called weaning and that process is very difficult to carry out.

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The reason for that is that __ requires at least five days in which it has to get the mother feed and the other feed we are providing it.

3. Ask the owner what kind of food were you providing it with?

If its weaning is not done, then you have to ask the owner what kind of food were you providing it with? At this, you should give it that food and see if it’s eating well or not?

4. Check all below points

Now you should pick it up and see

  • If its teeth smell?
  • Is its tongue damaged?
  • If it has any ulcers there?
  • Is it eating properly or not? And
  • Is it drooling or not?

These are the things that you must check.

5. Check its ears

We have to see if it has fungal infection, or a patch of hair is missing. Mostly fungal infections are in kittens like ringworms or other types of fungal infection.

Mostly fungal infections are found near the mouth and feet. So you must check those areas. You must also see if it has fleas or mites.

6. You must ask the owner if they got their kitten dewormed or not?

kittens should be dewormed 28 days after their birth. And the reason for it is that kittens have some parasites in them like roundworms that join up and go in the kitten. That’s why it is preferred that the kitten should be dewormed.

7. Ask the owner if this kitten has some siblings or not?

How To Buy A Kitten Or Cat?

If it does then do visit them too.

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The reason for taking a look at all of them is that you have to confirm if they don’t have a problem with them or if they have a viral disease in them.

This is essential because if God forbids even one kitten has a viral disease or an infection or some fungus then there is a high chance that other kittens will get infected with it as well.

There is an incubation time for these viral diseases. If any bacteria enters the body and starts to show its signs that period is called the incubation period.

If you got the kitten and it has shown some symptoms then the maximum chance is that your cat has come in contact with some other cats and kittens who have had a viral disease.

8. Now check its activity.

Give it some toys to play with. Especially ball toys and catnip. You should give these to the kitten. There are some fish toys and also sticks available so play with the cat and check.


Free up a big-time slot, so you can check things properly.

I hope you have understood all the points. And if you follow all these protocols properly, then you will most probably get a healthy kitten and you will stay safe from fraud as well but it depends on you which colour and breed you want to buy.

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