Have you ever thought about How To Brush Cats Teeth?  Most of the owners wants, inserting a cat’s toothbrush into the mouth of their kitten, but at the end they think of deep, long scratches and spots on their arms. This will definitely happen, especially at that time if you treat this necessary part of pet health in the wrong way.

With the help of perfect right tool and technique, you can learn about this action of cleaning at home.

Supplies For Brushing Your kitty

How To Brush Cats Teeth

Kitten’s dental supplies are specifically designed for remove the plaque, that is the food and bacteria that accumulate on the teeth. However, if such type of deposits are not removed, then it may cause gingivitis, tartar gum inflammation, and periodontal disease.

About Cat ToothBrush

Looking for a small brush suitable for your furry friend because cat’s teeth and mouth are very small, you can also use a special cat toothbrush, which has a double head, single head, and even can be placed on the tip of the little finger. some owners also used terry cloth, gauze and makeup brushes.

Which Toothpaste Is Best For your Cat?

Pet toothpaste comes in tantalizing flavors such as poultry and fish, cats can’t resist. It contains special enzymes that break down bacteria and food but always remember “Never use human toothpaste for brushing your kitty” because most of the brands contains artificial sweeteners such as detergents fluoride, artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, which can cause harm to your furry baby (cat).

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How I Brush My Kitty Teeth Step-By-Step Guide

How To Brush Cats Teeth

If you put question to yourself like “Should I brush my cat’s teeth?” So, the answer is yes! Good dental hygiene will develop happy and healthy cats. Accoding to Dr. Cog the initial thing you need to do is, prepare for the positive experience.

She also said: “Cats often hate messing up their mouths.” “Therefore, it is important to be organized and fast when brushing a cat’s teeth.”

Step 1 Get Your Furry Baby Used To The Idea  Of Brushing

To do this, first lift your  furry baby (cat) lips for a short time. Introduce this activity at a calm, quiet time, for example when you have embraced and stroked them on the sofa.

Step 2 Work  On Body Language

When you are touching their mouths, speak in a soft and positive voice. Because, Your furry baby gets clues from the body language and tone of yourself; then they will reflect it if we feel stressed and nervous at that time. Stop touching their mouths before they become irritable-even if that means that you can only do it for a few seconds at the beginning-to ensure that they do not associate movements with negative experiences. Over time, you will be able to increase their willingness to clean their teeth.

Step 3 Introduce Cat With Toothbrushing Supplies

If your furry babby is accustomed you for handling their mouth, then it was a perfect time to show your furry baby her toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, find the comfortable and quiet place. Then let them smell, and paws on the brush and introduce the taste by giving them a litle amount of toothpaste. After they have checked all the items, please provide them with delicious snacks or toys to help them connect with this things.

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Step 4 Start Brushing

Put your cat on the lap, lift the cat’s lips, and then gently brush it’s cheek facing surface of the teeth with a toothbrush, gauze or finger brush. Start with the big “canine” in front of the mouth. When they accept brushing their teeth, then step my step increase the number of teeth to be cleaned until reach to the upper molars, with the toothbrush of cat. Be sure to reward your cat at the end by giving them toys, snacks or praise etc.

How Many Times You can Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

How To Brush cats Teeth

Dr. Cog said that, you should brush your cats teeth every single day like a regular routine. The reason behimd this is that when tartar becomes stubborn plaque, it takes about 48-72 hours for plaque to harden and calcify. This tartar can only be removed by a skilled feline dentistry veterinarian.

Tartar can irritate your cat’s gums and cause inflammation, also known as gingivitis, which can cause redness in the gums and bad breath. If the area under the gum line becomes infected, them the supporting tissue becomes inflamed and weak (around the cat’s teeth).

However, a one-minute brush should have enough time to remove any plaque.

Dr. Cog believes that it is important, not to force the cat to brush teeth. “It’s not worth and it also breaking your’s relationship with cats.”

Sometimes owners also think how they maintain their furry baby moth healthy. Also read how can you keep your cat teeth and gums healthy, the link is given below

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Brushing the teeth is another key factor for keeping your kitty mouth healthy naturally. Always Purchase natural enzymatic toothpaste designed for cats. These are great because these enzymes can break down plaque without the need of actually brushing action for your furry baby teeth.

In order to make your furry friend used to having her teeth brushed easier. Staryt at the age when your kitty is young, do it slowly, and wait patiently. Taking a little time every day will go a long way, especially when you gently use your fingers or a toothbrush

Is Brushing Is Necessary For cat

Brushing your furry baby teeth is also important because like humans pets also need brushing. The veterinarian also suggest that pet brushing is the gold thing for preventing oral health care.

No matter how good of your kitty oral health, it is always recommended that you bring your pet to a vet to thoroughly check the mouth. So the tging never ignore medical check up.


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