Cat biting is a very common thing and a very interesting topic. Cats will bite their owners for seemingly no reason at all. In so many ways cats are very misunderstood. Today’s topic is how strong is a domestic cat’s bite? They rarely do anything that isn’t planned.

Some of their movements and overall behaviors can seem a bit strange. What they do they do for a reason and this includes biting you right out of the blue.

Let’s come to the topic and know about how strong is a domestic cat’s bite? And what is PSI?

How Strong Is A Domestic Cat’s Bite?

How Strong Is A Domestic Cat's Bite?

We can measure the bite forces of cats and dogs in PSI standing for pounds per square inch. Domestic cats have a bite force of around 20 to 75 PSI on average. If you think this is not strong then it’s totally wrong conception.

Let’s discuss it in detail below and know is it really strong? If yes, then compare it with others.

Do Domestic Cats Have A Strong bite?

How Strong Is A Domestic Cat's Bite?

If your cat has ever really gotten the best of your skin you can certainly vouch for the fact hey! It hurts. I mean there are certain things many things far worse but a bite from a cat a full bite there’s no picnic. While cats really don’t have a forceful bite they do in fact have a sharp bite.

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I don’t care what you’re talking about pointed teeth can pack a punch and certainly deliver some rather mean puncture wounds while also tearing the flesh. This isn’t a science channel so we’re not going to get too deep in the weeds on this one but domestic cats have a bite force of around 20 to 75 PSI on average as I mentioned above.

How Strong Is A Human Bite?

By comparison, humans have an average PSI of around 155 to 165, so humans do have a stronger bite. Cats certainly have more than enough to hold and kill prey. And the sharpness is certainly worth mentioning again.

Cats have us beat in that department. Humans have rather flat teeth whereas cats have teeth that are almost like scissors.

Do Cats Bite Hard Than Dogs?

How Strong Is A Domestic Cat's Bite?

Comparing domestic cats to the rest of the animal world they are on the lower end when it comes to bite force. The American pit bull has a 235 PSI while the german shepherd sits at around 240. But, it’s all about having what you need for the job that you do.

When it comes to your cat and your skin so much really depends on the condition of your skin. While bite force can be recognized and recorded sharp teeth and fragile skin even without much force at all could cause a big-big problem. That’s why it’s very important to keep a rough and rowdy cat a highly aggressive cat away from small children and the elderly.

If I talk about my cat Zoomies, a wild hair as I like to call it. The cat won’t really mean you any harm but some cats just catch a vibe if you will and playtime can turn sour in a great big hurry.

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If your cat decides out of nowhere that your hand is now a toy you could find yourself on the wrong end of things strong bite force or not, so just keep that in mind.

When it comes to this topic it’s highly unlikely that your cat is going to clamp down on your forearm for example and you find yourself just unable to get loose the jaw strength. Simply isn’t that impressive but there is a high probability of injury at the bare minimum a few tears and potential puncture wounds.

Frequently asked question

Is Cat Bite Dangerous?

As we all know some bacteria present in the mouth. All cats carry a huge number of bacteria that are much more capable of causing tissue infection in bite wounds. Pasteurella multocida (Bacteria) is more common. This makes a cat bite dangerous for both humans as well as other creatures.

Antibiotics For Cat Bite?

For antibiotic treatment of cats bite Amoxicillin with Clavulanate are the best antibiotic treatment for cat bites.

What To Do If A Cat Bites You?

Irrigate the wound with water. By using water and soap gently wash the wound. With the help of a clean cloth slow down the bleeding and apply antibiotic cream.

Final Words

And on that note I’ll turn things right on over to you the audience of catsbin. have you ever been on the receiving end of your cat’s bite? Was it a bit more than you expected more forceful perhaps?

I’ve had a few puncture wounds here in my day from both claws and teeth. I suppose it just comes with the territory of feline ownership.

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At any rate, share your personal stories right there down in the comments section below


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