This blog helps you to know about How Much Do Cats Sleep during a day?  Sometimes owners confuse why cats sleep too much? So don’t worry you find all the answers there.

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How Much Do Cats Sleep? Is My Cat Sleep Too Much?

How Much Do Cats Sleep? Is My Cat Sleep Too Much?

If you also confuse in this question How Much Do Cats Sleep? Is My Cat Sleep Too Much? So, the answer is – cats sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day on average. Domesticated cats hail from those in the wild, who as predators can enjoy the luxury of sleeping more.

For prey animals on the other hand staying awake is literally a matter of life and death.

Can Cats sleeping Pattern Vary?

How Much Do Cats Sleep? Is My Cat Sleep Too Much?


Yes, your particular cat’s sleeping patterns may vary, depending on her age and health. Kittens need more sleep up to 20 hours because they are spending so much energy growing into cat hood, on the other end of the spectrum older cats start to slow down around age 7 and need more rest especially if they have arthritis or joint issues.

Are Cats Nocturnal?

while cats do spend a lot of time awake at night. They are more properly categorized as crepuscular than nocturnal. This refers to them being most active at dawn and dusk.

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In the wild cats do much of their stalking at night, so domesticated cats still have it in their instincts to be active in the Twilight hours, when their prey is out and about.

They are more likely to spend time dozing during the day conserving their energy to hunt at night. cats also have to eat multiple small preys in order to satisfy their appetite so they catnap in between their hunts.

However, like dogs domesticated cats are prone to adjust their sleep schedule to fit their owner’s schedule, sleeping more when you’re not around and less when you are.

Do Cats Experience Sleep Stages Like Humans Do?

How Much Do Cats Sleep? Is My Cat Sleep Too Much?


Cats do progress from slow-wave sleep to REM sleep like humans and other mammals, but the time they spend in each stage as well as a full sleep cycle is much shorter.

Cats spend about 6 minutes in REM sleep while humans will spend between 90 to 120 minutes in REM sleep per night.

Look for twitching whiskers and eyelids to catch your cat dreaming. Outside of REM the majority of the time they’re in a light sleep where their noses and ears stay on alert, ready to wake at a moment’s notice to hunt or protect themselves. During this stage, cats are able to sleep in an upright or sitting position simply by tensing their muscles.

Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much?

Cats with fewer toys and playtime will sleep more out of pure boredom, however, if your cat seems excessively sleepy or lethargic when they are awake it could be a sign of a health problem such as anemia or hyperthyroidism. They could also be in pain from feline arthritis.

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Cats also tend to sleep more when they are overweight so, feeding your cat a healthier leaner diet can increase their energy and reduce their tendency to oversleep.

Final Words

Don’t be alarmed if your cat snores. Some short-nosed cats such as the Persian Himalayan and exotic shorthair breeds are prone to snoring due to being Brockie cephalic or flat-faced meaning they may have difficulty with breathing.

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