How long do cats live? For most of the reasons, this question will arise in the minds of every cat lovers. I think you also want to know the lifespan of a furry baby (cat) because you newly become a master or parent of a cat and you are so overwhelmed by the love that you never want to leave them.

Or you want to know the lifespan of an indoor cat? I think you decide to adopt a cat and you are curious to know which breed of a cat will provide you longest companionship.

If the above questions are suffering in your mind, then in this blog you will get the answers. Let’s come to the topic How Long Do Cats Live?

How Long Do Cats Live?

How Long Do Cats Live?

An average life expectancy of a feline is 15 years. Now, we should study all the factors that will determine the lifespan of cats and how to ensure the correct ecosystem for cats so that they live long and healthy lives.

Factors determine the life expectancy of a cat

  • Cat’s breed
  • Cat’s ecosystem
  • Eating habits and
  • Neutering

The above points are the main factors that determine the life of a cat. Most of the people just select only one factor (a breed of a cat) to predict the lifespan of a cat. What you see is not a comprehensive understanding. This is just a conclusion.

Right! the lifespan of a cat depends on the breed. Now, the important thing is not to know the life span of each cat, but to know what to do so that the cat can live the best life.

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So, with regards to this we will need to understand certain other factors, but know that is per research, in general, mixed bred cats have more lifespan than purebred cats. Apart from that, what is also found that females cats generally outlive the male counterparts. Therefore, what kind of cat you will definitely look for and how long it will live depends on the genetic genes she Carries. Now you may wonder how does nutrition affect cats lifespan?

How Does Nutrition Affect Cats Lifespan?

How Long Do Cats Live?

Now, this must be very intuitive for you. The better the cat’s nutrition, the better her health and her life span will be longer but how can we know which nutrition is good for cats?

What we eat, is at a greater extent meant to be edible for domestic cats, but we must not forget that cats are essentially carnivore in their nature.

Most of the cat’s nutrition comes from meat, therefore, it should maintain its eating habits and nutritional supplements to ensure its healthy life. However, there is no need to worry that sufficient research has been conducted on the dietary requirements of cats. Cat owners have many options to ensure a nutritious diet for cats.

Having said that, cat owners can pay attention to their cat’s diet in some ways. Adult cats should not have excessive carbohydrates and lactose in their diet, because their digestive system cannot cope with them.

Due to the unique digestion mechanism, cat food must be rich in protein. As a benchmark, the average cat requires around 20 grams of proteins in a single day.

How Long Do Cats Live Given Their Ecosystems?

Most cat owners are accustomed to fur babies living happily in domestic environments. The ecosystem in which cats live directly affects their lifespan. Now, when we talk about ecosystems, we immediately see the gradient of cats’ lives in front of us.

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Our domesticated environment, or of course the first one, streets, places, and wilds. For cats living in the wild, we immediately think that the life span of wild cats may be the smallest, but this is not necessarily true. Instead, we must understand that life revolves around the environment in which life flourishes.

Polar bears will not survive in the desert. Birds found in some areas of the world can’t see in other parts of the world. Therefore, wild cats may have a long lifespan in the wild because the ecosystem will adapt to their bodies accordingly.

Therefore, although you may sometimes think of how long cats have lived in the wild, do not think that their lifespan is short.

They are always active, alert and eat what they’re supposed to eat. Cats in the wild live anywhere between 3 to 10 years on an average.

How Long Does A Stray Live?

So about the wild, you might be wondering about this. Now, I think you can understand that this cat has a relatively short lifespan.

These cats must live in the stupid living environment created by our humans, which is the result of our irresponsible behaviour. Stray cats are cats that have to bear most of the chaos we cause. In most cases, the infections and parasites that animal bodies suffer in this shared ecosystem are the results of us treating this planet like a dust bin. Think about it!

Water pollution, irresponsible disposal of plastic waste, destroy natural resources. Now we can feel it, can’t we? And the lifetime of a cat or any another animal isn’t determined by how long a cat lives rather by how rich and full her life was.

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For example, compared with other domestic cats, Lil Bub has just passed away due to other physiological reasons and has a short lifespan. Or as a kind of information, it knows well how long the cat will live if it goes astray? According to some researchers, the average life span of an outdoor cat is 5.625 years.

How Long Do House Cats Live?

How Long Do Cats Live?

If you look at the numbers strictly, the life span of these cats is three times that of outdoor cats. The average life span of domesticated cats is about 16.875 years. And maybe you guess why this happens? Advancement in medical facilities and among other things have made this possible.

Domesticated cats are sterilized, vaccinated and cured in time for all the health problems they may face. Feeding properly, nutrition and a healthy diet help them lead a longer, happy and healthy life.

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Final Words

Now One thing I want to point out is, I see many cat parents who want to become a specific breed of a cat. Many people spend money to create a specific variety. Please in choosing life don’t be picky.

Adopt the one that appeals to you from your local cat litter. We bring them to our homes from the wild where they lead healthy lives, and then leave them in the middle.

In this way, out of your sympathy, you can raise a cat for a family that needs a domestic cat. From that day then you adopt them and become a cat parent, care and feed for them until they reach adulthood, and bury them happy when they leave the world. I hope you get much more information about this topic How Long Do Cats Live?


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