How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner? – Rehoming a cat is simply tough all around. Tough for you, tough for your family and certainly tough for a cat. In respect to how long it takes a cat to adjust to a new owner, there really is no true confirmed timetable. It’s sort of like asking you how long it will take you to get over ‘x’, ‘y’, and ‘z’? And there is no answer because everyone is different. So, lets understand this interesting topic How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner?

How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner?

How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner?

Attempting to gauge time, specific time in terms of how long it will take a cat to get adjusted is nothing short of an educated guessing game. However, there are specific things some more obvious than others, that a cat will have to cope with upon arriving in its new home.

Today we’ll discuss several issues that a cat will have to deal with and overcome in order to fully adjust to its new environment. This will more or less provide a new owner with a loose timetable for adjustment.

Now let’s get started

Rehoming A Cat : Concerns And Obstacles

How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner?

While this subject matter could get quite emotional a bit touchy in certain areas and long-winded. Let’s break things down into what we know without expanding on deeply understood narratives.

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Let’s start with a cat’s attachment to its previous owner.

Cat’s Attachment To Its Previous Owner

How Long Cats Take To Adjust A New Owner?

It can be quite deep and meaningful. How that relationship was and still is? Will set the stage for how long it will take before the cat will transition into its new home with a new owner. The deeper the bond the longer the transition will take.

What Are The Effects Of Re-Homing For The Cat?

well, if the feline had an incredibly strong bond with its prior family and the environment as a whole the effects can be extremely strong. So, adding to the time, it will take to adjust to the new setting.

The cat will deal with some heavy emotions and confusion. The cat’s world has been completely turned upside down and possible for the animal to understand.

Cats are creatures of routine and habit with nothing being the same a new environment, new people, new smells and lack of understanding where anything is, all of this can lead to stress, depression, aggression, every emotion and reaction possible.

As the new owner here are some signs that you can look for that will let you know if your pet is having a rough go of things.

Clinginess, loud vocalization, excessive grooming, destruction of furniture and other materials, attention seeking, excessive sleeping, hiding, loss of appetite and overall aggression.

All of these signs specifically in clusters to let you know that your cat could be struggling. This is where patience comes into play to your cat all of this is very traumatic. It’s essentially like your cat is grieving a death.

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Aapproach the situation with care and attempt to see things through your cat’s eyes, rather than your own.

Final words

In addition to information involving your cat’s memory in respect to its previous owner as time passes, the possible guilt a person or family can feel when it comes to sending their cat to a new home and how said person or family can cope with giving their cat away.

As we noted in our introduction, it can take a cat a good while to adjust to a new home but as the previous owner it can also take that person or persons a very long time to come to grips with the situation themselves.

There are numerous reasons as to why some people have to part with their cat? And just because it’s the right thing to do doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly painful.

For every situation that involves a quote unquote bad cat not fitting in with the family. There are plenty of times where rehoming is done out of love for the cat. Wanting the feline to find a better home, a home that you are unable to provide for whatever the reason.

It’s likely fair to say that we’ve all been there ourselves at one point or another or at least we know someone who probably has.

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