How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats? Is It Affect Cat Appetite?

Hot temperatures are very irritating for every creatures on the earth. I was surprised when I got to know most of the peoples like summers and they don’t like winters. This blog is on cats and you are a cat parent who is very caring and wants to know about how hot is too hot for cats? I appreciate you. Why? Because you love your pet and I love those who care for others and treat animals like a friend.

Let’s come to the topic of how hot is too hot for cats? And understand how to care for your cat in hot temperatures?

How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats?

How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats?

The body temperature of cats is higher than humans, its the reason behind cat tolerate hotter temperatures. The fictitious temperature for a cat shouldn’t surpass 100°F. The optimal temperature for long-haired and short-haired cat breeds is 75 degree Fahrenheit to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

Can Cats Handle Hot Weather?

Large healthy cats can handle hot weather quite well in short stints. However, things can become dangerous if the ambient temperature surpasses the body temperature.

Anything approaching and above 100°F especially for a long period of time can be concerning. This is especially true if your pet is of senior status. Those long hot summer days they can really take a toll on your pet and it’s important to realize the issues aren’t necessarily restricted to just a few hours or even a single day.

If your cat goes outside every day for four hours four months at a time in the sweltering heat that type of activity will eventually carry some level of consequence. Sort of like running on short sleep for an entire week, by the end of the week your body has hit the wall and you are extremely fatigued. This is why it’s paramount to monitor daily temperature readings and be mindful of your cat’s overall standing of health.

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Just to be safe if the temperature or the heat index is topping out at 95°F or higher it’s best to give that outdoor recreation a hard pass even if your cat has plenty of fresh water.

Always remember, your cat has a fur coat that it really can’t remove. Not sure about you but I wouldn’t be a big fan of wearing a fur coat in the summer heat. Put yourself in your cat’s position that sunshine can be quite unforgiving at times.

How Does Heat And Humidity Affect Cats?

when speaking to the broader aspects of this topic it’s not just the high temperatures that can negatively impact your cat. It’s also the humidity and the dryness of the atmosphere.

cats have sweat glands to help them cool down and control body temperature. In a natural environment, the sweat glands pull the heat from the cat’s body as it evaporates. However, the effectiveness of this process can be diminished if the weather is either excessively dry or very humid.

Hot and dry weather can promote dehydration due to severe water loss. High humidity can result in sweat not being able to evaporate fast enough. This can, unfortunately, lead to heat stroke.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Too Hot?

How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats?

As the summer months draw ever so closer it’s essential that you ensure that your cat will be free from any heat-related episodes. And when it comes to signs and symptoms it’s important to be alert and be aware.

Recognizing the issues and being proactive could save your pet from a dire outcome.

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Dehydration and heat stroke can display the following. Vomiting, Sweaty pause, Body temperature over 105°F, Lethargy, Panting, Rapid heartbeat, Seizures, Drooling Red gums, Dizziness, Restlessness, Aggression, Loss of appetite and a hot stomach and underarms. If your cat exhibits any of these symptoms after being outdoors, especially if the signs are multiple please act fast and take your pet to the vet.

This is an emergency situation and should be treated as such. Long-haired breeds both young and old are at high risk. Long coats are glorious during those cold weather months but that thick fur even after a shed can obstruct sweat glands. Making the hot weather even tougher to tolerate.

Older Cats And Hot Weather

As cats grow older they become weaker in every aspect. For this reason, it then becomes more important than ever to make sure that body temperature and hydration levels are adequate. Once your cat reaches the age of 10 become extra vigilant during the summer.

Limit your cat’s outdoor activities even if they appear happy and healthy. Make sure they don’t overdo it, make sure they don’t fall victim to exposure.

Additionally, if your aged cat is being actively treated for illness even if it’s a non-heat-related illness we advise you to limit your cat’s outdoor activity to a more structured environment such as an enclosed porch or patio setting with plenty of shade.

Which Cats Don’t Tolerate Heat Well?

In this, we’ve noted how long-haired cats and older cats are at a great risk for heat-related issues. However, they are not the only ones.

Obese cats

Larger cats have a higher body temperature compared to cats that are of a healthy weight. This means that during the hot weather months larger cats have a more difficult time cooling down. And are more susceptible to overheating.

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What About Brachycephalic Cats?

Cats With flatter faces and shorter snouts do indeed have breathing issues. When the environment is hot and humid this can make matters only worse. Panting which is rare in cats can be one of the first signs of a struggle.


And finally, let’s mention kittens. while young and healthy cats often fare the best during extreme heat kittens just like the elderly cats can have a very tough time because kittens are unable to regulate their body temperature until the four-week mark.

They’re incapable of cooling off without the help of their mother’s grooming. If you’re taking care of some wonderful kittens always keep them indoors when the sun and its extreme heat is gripping your forecast.

How To keep Cats Cool During The Summer?

How Hot Is Too Hot For Cats?

When it comes to keeping cats cool during those hot weather months any and all cats the message is rather clear and rather simple. It’s all about a cool environment and plenty of fresh water.

In an effort to keep your pet comfortable we offer the following tips.

  1. Leave the AC on and keep your house cool and comfortable,
  2. Encourage drinking by providing fresh running water not still water,
  3. If possible, get a cooling mat and close those curtains to keep the house cool,
  4. And lastly, groom your cat with a wet cloth.

The last tip is a very handy tip if your pet has an issue cooling down naturally.

Final Words

How hot is too hot for cats? Just like so many issues and concerns that we address on this blog it really all starts with you. Being mindful and being proactive. If the weather is just too hot for your cat to be safe just wait another day, keep the recreational fund under your roof until mother nature grants you a break.

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