Today, I am gonna discuss with you about how do you take care of a pregnant cat? Which things you should consider? What should be the feeding? Health issues and all detail related to it? Read the whole video so that you will know about your common mistakes.

So, lets start.

How Do You Take Care Of  A Pregnant Cat?

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant Cat?

1. Balance Nutrition

First of all, the first care is balance nutrition. Many people make this mistake that the feed which they were giving to cats before being pregnant, they give the same feed to them after being pregnant. Often, this can create problems and female cat get weak or she can face difficulty in delivering.

I will suggest you that when your female cat is 3 weeks pregnant, switch it to kitten food because the nutrional value and calories are more in kitten food. You can switch to kitten food or mother or baby food.

When You Should Change The Food?

It is better to change it after 3 weeks because the growth of the cat gets faster so from 3rd to 4th week, so slowly we can change the food during this period.

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2. Love Your Cat

Next, you should always love your cat and you should not scold him. You should keep it in a comfortable zone so that it has no issue.

3. Deworming

Many people ask whether we should or should not deworm our female pregnant cat.

I will suggest you that in the first three weeks, you can deworm but with a condition that a safest dewormer be used during pregnancy like Fembandazol can be used.

Remember, you should consult your vet so that your female cat gets in no kind of problem.

4. Vaccination

It is basically told by some doctors that vaccination creates passive immunity it means in case mother is vaccinated, that immunity is transferred to kids.

I also think the same.

If you are vaccinating your pregnant female cat, there are some diseases like feline distemper, feline calci or feline herpes. These diseases’s immunity is transferreed to kids.

In order to save from these 3 viral diseases the immunity may also get transferred to the kids. But you should not vaccinate yourself. You must consult your vet that whether we should vaccinate or not?

5. Keep Your Cat Stress-Free

Next  is that you should keep your cat stress-free. You should put it in a comfortable zone and you should not scold it neither you should lift it.

6. Not Lift The Cat

Next is that after 4 weeks, you should not lift the cat from the belly. Many people do it like that, they start to lift the cat from that position due to which cat’s baby can get affected.

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Types Of Complications due To Which Cat Can Get In Problems?

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant Cat?

Now, let’s talk on which type of complications there can be due to which your female cat can get in problems.


If you are not handling it well, like you place it somewhere, in where she jumps a lot or you scold it or you give it a lot of stress so often, miscarriage can occur.

Giving Your Cat Stress Can Cause Miscarriage?

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant Cat?

I know, you would be considering whether giving it stress causes miscarriage? Yes, there can be a harmony imbalance. It can because it is the nature of god and inside female cats projestron hormone is responsible for maintaining its pregnancy.

If you give it stress, it may create a problem.

About C-section

Mostly, it is present in those female cats which you did not know when it mated and what was it’s expected delivery date.

For example, you did not know it would deliver on 5th or 10th date. But just because of some reason it did not deliver on 5th date and you kept waiting till the 10th or 12th date and because of that the kittens in the female will die in the uterus.

Due to death, It may start to decay or it may swell as well. In such conditions, only C-section is recommended. Often, the uterus is removed as well so that the health of cats can be maintained and it can be saved.

I hope so that you understood all the points.


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