This blog tells you How Do You Make Simple outdoor Cat’s Shelter In Winter. So let’s make a shelter that will shield her from the elements and keep her nice and warm this winter.

Lets Begin

How Do You Make Simple Outdoor Cat’s Shelter In Winter

How Do You Make Simple Outdoor Cat's Shelter In Winter

Things You Need To Build Simple Cat’s Shelter In Winter

  1. Two Large Rubbermaid Container: The first thing you’re going to need is two large Rubbermaid containers. One should be slightly smaller so that it can fit inside of the larger container.
  2. Sharpie And A Round Object: The next thing you’re going to need is a Sharpie and a round object with a 5- to 6-inch diameter. This is going to create your doorway.
  3.  Sharp X-Acto knife: Used to cut your doorway.
  4. Straw: Next you’re going to need some straw.

Step By Step Guide To Make Cat’s Shelter

1. Draw The Doorway On small Container

Use a sharpie and the round object of 5- to 6-inch diameter for creating the doorway.

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Make sure that when you’re drawing your circle, you’re leaving a few inches off the ground so that rain and snow cannot enter the shelter.

Next up you’re going to need a sharp X-Acto knife to cut your doorway. Make sure you’re careful while you’re doing this.

2. Place The Small Container Inside The Large Container To Line Up Your Doorway

Place the small container inside the large container to line up your doorway. Then draw a circle around that and cut out that one as well.

3. Take The Straw And Stuff In Between The Two Containers

Make sure that you’re using straw and not hay. The straw will stay nice and dry to insulate them and keep them warm. But hay, on the other hand, can form mildew and absorbs moisture. So make sure you’re using a straw.

Take the straw and stuff it between the two containers. This is going to create a really nice barrier to protect them and insulate them from wind and cold temperatures.

4. Next, You’re Going To Take Some Straw And Put It On The Inside Container

This is going to be the bedding for the cat, so don’t fill it all the way. Just enough space for the cat to create a nice, cozy bed. Close the small container add a little bit more straw on top for insulation, and then close your top container.

Now you’ve got your winter shelter for outdoor cats.

Easy peasy!

Final Words

Don’t forget that it’s not just important for us to be providing winter shelters to outdoor cats, but that it’s also our responsibility to make sure that they’re spayed and neutered.

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So that when it warms up in the spring we don’t have an explosion of kittens. In my experience, the majority of orphaned neonatal kittens entering shelters are born from free-roaming cats.

So, please do your part and make sure that any cats you’re taking care of outside are also spayed and neutered.

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