How Do I Stop My Cat Bringing In Prey? – Today I want to talk about something really sweet that might seem really gross to you when your cat brings you a dead animal.

It’s easy to be concerned and grossed out if your cat brings you a dead animal and it might make you wonder Are They hungry? Are They Mad? Are They Trying To Tell You Something?

Well if this has ever happened to you don’t panic because it’s actually a pretty normal cat behavior and there are a few ways to help stop this from happening but first it’s important to know why your cat does this in the first place.

Why Your Cat Does This In The First Place?

How Do I Stop My Cat Bringing In Prey

You see cats were domesticated ten thousand years ago but they still have the same old hunting drive. A study of cat psychology showed that they share many personality traits with their bigger cousins lions. Cats still feel an impulse to stalk chase and kill live prey.

Chasing and pouncing on anything may be irresistible even things that aren’t traditional prey, that’s why cats love laser pointers and why they sometimes attack your feet or even chase their own tails.

As it turns out the instinct to hunt is separate from the drive to eat even well-fed cats hunt mice and small animals, that’s why domestic cats leave almost half of their kills to run without eating them at all. If your cat hasn’t been spayed or neutered they may hunt more. This may mean the hunting drive is tied to an instinct to care for kittens.

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Why Does Your Cat Bring Their Prey To You?

Here are some potential reasons first they might be trying to teach you how to hunt. I know that sounds weird but your cat generally would hunt for prey to feed their offspring and since they don’t see you hunting, they might be trying to make sure that you’re well fed or they could be trying to give you a present.

In some cases dead or injured animals really are gifts. Your cat is showing affection for the human he or she lives with. It’s not the present you wanted but it’s the thought that counts right but of course as nice as this might sound from this perspective it’s not ideal.

How Do I Stop My Cat Bringing In Prey?

How Do I Stop My Cat Bringing In Prey

There’s good news there are ways you can help reduce your cats hunting, so they can stop bringing you these presents.

Keep Your Cat Inside

First and foremost my biggest tip is to keep your cat inside because even though your cat’s hunting may seem like an inevitable nuisance the cumulative effect can actually have major environmental impacts.

Did you know that cats are even listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species, this is because of their devastating effect on populations of native prey animals.

The truth is your cat can’t tell the difference between a protected endangered species or a snack. Even though they may mean well if your cat hunts a lot there’s a chance that could be wreaking havoc on the environment and in addition to helping the environment keeping your cat indoors will help them enjoy a longer healthier life. Statistics show the average lifespan of indoor cats is 10 to 15 years, compared to an average of only two to five years for outdoor cats.

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Getting Them A Pet Collar With A Bell

How Do I Stop My Cat Bringing In Prey

Is your cat still bringing you dead things, consider getting them a pet collar with a bell. Cats are stealthy and quiet but bells can cut the number of your cat’s successful kills by about a third.

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Final Words

At the end of the day remember that your cat means well when they bring you an unwanted gift. You can repay the favor by playing with her and giving her toys to help satisfy her prey Drive find or make toys that your cat can chase catch and kill.

Remember that your cat isn’t picky about what he or she kills playtime and positive attention will help your cat resist the need to kill mice and give you both peace of mind and hopefully you can reduce the number of animals your cat hunts and your cat can find other ways to show you affection.


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