When christmas is coming, most of the cats owner think about How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree? So, don’t worry this blog helps you to find solutions about this.

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How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree?

Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas is coming but, Is your Christmas tree safe from your mighty cats? If “No”, then read the below points to keep your Christmas tree away from your cats.

1. Place It somewhere where Cat Don’t Have Access

How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree

Well you don’t need to go to this extreme but, you can place your Christmastree outside like on your porch or on your balcony and if your Christmas tree is too small, then place it somewhere those furry Devils cannot reach it. If you don’t like this idea then you could get a little creative and follow the second point which is described as under.

2. Build A Fence Near Your Christmas Tree

How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree

You can also build a fence near your christmas tree, not exactly the look you are going for but pretty cat proof right.

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3. Buy A Keep Cats Away Spray With A Fragrance They Hate

Another thing you could do is to buy a keep cats away spray with a fragrance they hate like orange. But, be sure to buy one from pet shops, that is safe for cats.

you will want to prevent anything bad from happening, if your cat does climb up on the tree. We all know that cats are lick-a-holics and will clean themselves like maniacs and you need to make sure as their mother or father that you don’t spray anything toxic to cats around your house.

If you follow this tip make sure to thoroughly spray the leaves and the decorations you place in your Christmas tree in order to protect them from the mighty savage jaws that are drooling after them.

In this way even if your cat does get up in the Christmas tree she will not do much damage as she will hate the taste.

place a sign that says no cats allowed in your Christmas tree we all know that cats are excellent readers and will certainly listen to you if you do this.

Just kidding don’t take it serious.

4. Whenever She Tries To Climb On It Say Loudly And Firmly No

watch your cat interacting with the Christmas tree in the first days and whenever she tries to climb on it say loudly and firmly “No”. A few times over grab her gently and put her away from the Christmas tree. I managed to keep my cat “Sica” away from our curtains in this way and it might actually work for your cat too. If this tip doesn’t work then, you can do next.

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5. Try to get your furry friend as tired as possible 

How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree

Play with her each morning before going to work and each evening but, don’t just play for five minutes and then give up, I’m telling you show her no mercy even.

If she gets bored, remember those mornings in which she doesn’t let you sleep at all and manages to annoy you with her cuteness. Well now it’s time for your revenge and go ahead and play with her. Every time she gets interested in the Christmas tree making your cats so tired that even if she climbs up afterward in the tree it’s for a good sleep and nothing else.

5. Try Placing A Decorative Circle Around Tree

How Do I Keep My Cat From climbing My Christmas Tree

Try placing a decorative circle around your christmas tree and make sure to add quite a few sliced in half oranges. As cats hate the smell of oranges, this might actually keep them away for good from your beloved Christmas tree but, be sure to replace the oranges quite often every two days or so, in order to keep their smell fresh and if friends and family think it’s weird, tell them to get a cat and see for themselves and if none of this work then perhaps you could try next point.

Personal Suggestion From Me

Try to limit their access to the christmas tree. When you are not around by keeping that room closed and out of reach for her. Don’t worry too much about this as cats are famous sleepers and can sleep up to sixteen hours per day make sure to play with her though before leaving and provide as many toys.

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