How Can Cats Survive High Falls? I know you also have seen reports or videos of cats surviving very high falls, as high as 32 stories. So, let’s come to the point How can cats survive high falls?

Let’s begin,

How Can Cats Survive High Falls?

How Can Cats Survive High Falls?

It’s a shocking thing, but the truth behind this is, cats are very well equipped by nature to survive falls. Well, falls from trees, not a humongous building.

So How Can They Survive?


How Can Cats Survive High Falls?


Firstly, their weight plays a huge factor, because they are lightweight, their maximum speed in free falls is 60 km/h. Compare that to humans, which is 200 km/h.


How Can Cats Survive High Falls?

Also, cats spread their legs during falls, which is thought to reduce the speed they are falling at, by creating more air friction.

Less speed means less damage done at ground impact. They reach the maximum fall speed after 5 stories. So, theoretically, a fall from a 5 story building should be the same as a fall from a 10 story building, for a cat.

But that’s not all,

They are gifted with aerial righting reflex, which means when they fall, they naturally turn feet facing down.

As a result, they can better absorb the impact shock.

Flexible joints

How Can Cats Survive High Falls?

Plus, they have very flexible joints, which allows them to distribute impact forces evenly, thus reducing damage tremendously.

Biggest Danger When Cats Are Falling?

The biggest danger when cats are falling is for them to lose their balance. But even if they have all these assets, still, surviving 32 stories fall is truly amazing.

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