What Causes Gulping In Cats When Swallowing? –Are your cat gulping when swallowing? While occasional coughs and swallowing complications can arise for your cat especially during mealtime. Frequent gulping, gagging coughing and general chewing and swallowing difficulties can signal a problem, potentially a health concern. Now lets come to the interesting topic What Causes Gulping In Cats When Swallowing?

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What Causes Gulping In Cats When Swallowing?

Gulping In Cats When Swallowing

Now, below we briefly touch on three of the most common reasons as to why your cat could be gulping both the audio and the visual when swallowing?

3 Reasons Of gulping In Cats Both the audio and the visual when swallowing are Dysphagia, Hairballs, and Feline asthma. Now lets deeply understand what are these things?

1. Dysphagia

It’s is a medical term which refers to difficulty in swallowing. It can occur as oral dysphagia, pharyngeal dysphagia, and cricopharyngeal dysphagia. This term refers to a wide number of potential root causes. They range from tongue problems dental concerns jaw restraints etc.

Some ailments are treatable while others are not. Although mild in nature for the most part the side effects can include severe anxiety and weight loss for your cat.

Finding it difficult to chew and swallow mealtime can become a major undertaking.

2. Hair Balls

Gulping In Cats When Swallowing

If you’ve had your cat for any amount of time you’re likely familiar with hairballs. However, what could escape you is the fact that frequent hairballs can directly impact your cat’s ability to swallow properly.

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This can lead to gulping, gagging, retching, hacking and all of those other unpleasant sounds. Additionally, if inappropriately managed hairballs can lead to intestinal blockages which can result in severe health conditions.

This is why hairballs although many times overlooked as a minor issue can become rather serious.

Let’s explore some positive actions that you can take to remedy the issue.

Remedy To Solve The Issue

  • 1. Brush Your Cat Regularly
  • 2. Manage over grooming

Make sure your cat’s grooming isn’t due to stress. If you notice some environmental factors, act accordingly, litter box a mess, cat bed askew, too many house guests.

While you certainly can’t prevent your cat from grooming make sure extreme over-grooming is not due to stressors in your cat’s living space. Cats dolphin groom as a means to self-soothe. If things are a bit chaotic sort of like us humans biting our nails.

  • Purchase Of A Specialized Hairball Formula. Hairball reduction in cat food to be more specific.
  • Get your cat to drink more water. This helps to maintain good digestive health and a clean system

3. Feline Asthma

while the proper definition for this ailment is somewhat debatable. Most experts agree that feline asthma is the direct result of a reaction caused by allergens that have been inhaled. Roughly 1-5 per cent of all cats are said to have feline asthma.

Gulping In Cats When Swallowing

Feline asthma can cause:

  • Hacking
  • Gulping
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing and
  • Difficulty breathing in felines

The most ordinary triggers can include pollen, dust, smoke, mould, fumes, aerosols and fragrances.

In some cases, stress, weather changes and extreme heat and cold especially in a quick turnaround can trigger a reaction. Allergies can cause a feline’s airway to reduce this constricts proper airflow resulting in spasms, along the airway thus promoting negative breathing.

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The 2 feline breeds, Burmese and Siamese are more susceptible to asthma as compared to other cat breeds. This ailment typically strikes when cats are between the ages of two and eight. While that will conclude things for this blog.

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