This blog helps you to know about Do Cats Remember Their Babies? All Necessary Thing You Should Know About That. Have you ever got lost in a crowd? Do you remember how your mother reacted to it? Was she in distress? Was she worried about not finding you ever again? Your answers to these must be a yes, it is obvious for humans to have a strong connection than any other living creature on earth and when it’s a mother and a child relation it is exceptional.

About Mother’s Love

You must have seen your mother’s unconditional love towards you. It will be difficult for you to even think that a mother can ever forget her child, isn’t so!

How cats Show Their Love

Do Cats Remember Their Babies

Cats give birth to a litter that has usually around 3 or more kittens. She loves them unconditionally just like your mother loves you because a mother is a mother, no matter a human or an animal, she takes care of her little kitties groom them, feed them and teach them the do’s and don’ts of living from doing pea to hunting the prey.

All are taught by the mother cat, even after she nurtures them it is hard to believe that cats forget their babies. A lot of questions must be looming in your mind as to How can a cat forget her own babies?

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Cats spend most of her early motherhood weeks around her lettle in the same environment, where they develop a distinct scent. This lets them know this is their safe haven.

How Did They Create That Environment

Cats mark the boundaries of her territory with her scent if you own a cat you must have noticed it licks you and the things around it or brushes its body against the chairs and tables and even around your feet. You might feel it does that to show affection, that is true but also it marks its territory but leaving its scent to claim its ownership, through this it is able to identify what belongs to her and who is its friend.

Do Mother Cats Remember Their Babies?

Do Cats Remember Their Babies

Due to exchange of scents a mother cat and her kittens lick or rub each other’s cheeks paws and faces to exchange their scents to create a bond of familiarity and belongingness with each other.

Most of the kittens from different letters seems identical so the question arises here how did the cats identify their own kittens?

How Did Cats Identify Their Own Kittens?

There comes the scent. Every kitten has a distinct scent, mixed with her mother’s scent and a unique meow, that helps the cat identify her littels.

It might seem confusing to you as, humans detect their family members through face identity but that is not the case with cats. Cats depend on scent not vision to recognize each other.

Why Cats Leave Their Babies?

Do Cats Remember Their Babies

Here comes the interesting part you’re waiting for. Now we are clear how the cat validates her babies. It is through the scent. when a kitten or a grown-up cat leaves the territory or its mother’s nest after a few weeks the mother wouldn’t recognize her.

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Let’s make simpler to understand.

when kittens losses contact with its birth family, it adopts the scent of another environment it moves him. when a mother sees her baby after a few weeks, she denies her belonging, as she is unable to catch the usual scent. Even the baby doesn’t recognize its own role, as it adopts a different scent and forgets its the early territorial scent.

When you take your kittens to veterinarian take her favorite blanket with you before returning it to its litter rub the blanket on her so, it regains its usual scent overcoming the clinical scent as there are chances that the litter may deny the because they may sense an unusual scent.

It is more common for a male kitten to leave the little as it plans to mark his own territory while female kittens stay longer with their mother and help her raise future little kittens.

Is It Distressing for A Mother Cat To Lose Her Kittens

Every mother sorrows the loss of their children. Humans tend to sorrow for years or even their whole lives but cats do not follow this trend. After the cat loses her baby she searches a meows for a response but a few days later she forgets and moves back in her normal life.

Similarly the kitten might not eat for a few days and might seem sad and lost but then it adapts to the environment itself, it is a little difficult for kittens to survive alone. As they are not well trained than the grown up cats who are all ready to face the circumstances if you find a lost kitten what do you do?

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Apart from cats forget their babies cats are willing to adopt new kittens to her litter. When a friend of the cat gives birth the aunt cat helps her and nurturing the kids and even feed them her own milk.

So if you find a lone kitten you can add her to your cat’s litter but remember to get her clinically checked.



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