Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places? Is Everything Normal 2 your Cat?

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places? I think you come to this question after seeing your cat in a dark place and questioning yourself why cats do this? What is one of the very first things that most people do when they strike it rich? They purchase that big house on the hill, with plenty of space, a huge kitchen, spacious bedrooms, four car garage and many more things. Living the life of luxury and doing it in a very big way.

Well, what would be the cat version of hitting the jackpot? What type of sleep space would they select with the world at the very tips of their claws?

Most cats would probably select a nice cardboard box with four solid walls. A cosy spot away from the world yet safe enough to nap in peace.

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places?

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places?

Here at catsbin, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about cat hiding spots and napping spots. Why many cats just don’t want that expensive cat tree? They just want the box that it came in. And when it comes to the topic of sleep a lot of cats if they had a choice would select a dark space to get those seemingly endless hours of z’s.

To fully understand a cat’s thought process when it comes to the dark and small sleep locations it’s vital to understand that most of it is instinctual. And the reason, some cats would rather choose a box seemingly tucked away in the corner is due to generations, building up what like to call the cat foundation, seeking shelter and safe and small places to give birth, hiding away deep in the woods from dangerous predators because for as interesting as cats are what they need most in life is as basic as it gets.

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Why Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places?

It’s all about security and comfort, shelter and peace. And if your cat enjoys sleeping in small dark places it probably just means they’re living out their calling. Acting on instincts as a means to take hold off what they cherish the most.

The life of the family cat or even an indoor cat is rather hectic. So many things going on, so many stresses, and so many different reasons to be anxious. After all for as intelligent as cats are the humans run the place and there is still so very much that cats simply do not understand.

This fact alone can cause a lot of tension and when nap time comes and especially when the day is over that dark little nesting spot is a place of refuge, after a very busy and stressful day. I think I’ve told this story at least once before but many years ago one of my cats when I wasn’t paying attention well, he decided to take a nap inside of an empty chicken box.

About Cardboard Boxes

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places?

If you live in the united states you probably know what I mean those cardboard boxes with the handles. Fast food-style fried chicken, yeah! One of those boxes.

Well, who knew? right! Who knew that it could double as a dark and cosy sleep spot for my cat? I should have called him and told him. Hey your boxes, these boxes serve more purpose than just to hold that fried chicken. My cat’s currently asleep in one of them. And here’s the thing he’s got a bed right? A nice cat bed or a real cat bed. He had cardboard on the brain, so a chicken box was his choice.

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We said, in the beginning, a cat’s true mansion on the hill probably cost about 15 bucks, if that.

Why Do Cats Prefer To Choose Sleeping In Dark?

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Dark Places?

If we talk about cat eyes it is very much different than the human eye. Now, the question arises here do cats prefer to choose a dark room? Most of the cats usually like to rest in or remain in a dark place because the structure of cat retina is different from humans.

My cat always most of the time spent their time in dark locations of the house and they find it very much comfortable. Well, it’s their life and I never force it to come out from their dark favorite spot. Sometimes I also join it in their dark locations and try to understand why cats like it so much?


Here’s our question about dark sleep locations:

  1. Does your cat have a favorite spot perhaps multiple little snooze hideouts? And
  2. Where is the craziest place that you’ve ever found your cat just sound asleep, a shoe box or a chicken box? Please let me know right there in the comment section below.

Before heading on out we would like to make it clear that not every cat will entertain the dark side. Some cats are more than happy to sleep on the sofa, right there in front of everyone.

It’s because while those small and dark hideouts are tempting if the trust level is high and the bond with you is very strong there’s no real reason to hide away. And it could also be a personality thing because overall while instincts are very much at work. That’s not the only thing at play here. Additionally, and this is especially true, if you are a new owner do not be discouraged if your cat just wanders off a bit to sleep in the far corner of your home.

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In simple words far away from you.

Final Words

Out of those high traffic zones because unless your cat has fallen ill. The act of wanting a bit of isolation is fairly normal, especially for a new cat in a new home with a new or first-time owner. Most cats if they can find it will carve out their very own little comfort zone, somewhat of a home base within the home. And many times that winds up being a dark and secure space.

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