I know this question irritates you and makes you curious to know, do cats really instinctively know if you’re a cat person? Or do cats know if someone is a cat person? Don’t worry! Catsbin helps you to find the answer to this subject matter and try to provide extra information related to this curious topic.

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Do Cats Know If Someone Is A Cat Person?

Do Cats know If Someone Is A Cat Person? | Are You A Cat Person?

In simple words cats, they really don’t know if someone is an actual cat person or not.

Cats are indeed quite good at judging character and picking up on human emotion. They’re quite good at reading a person’s overall mood. From the jump, cats can often determine not really friend or foe but rather safety or foe.

As we’ve talked about countless times in this website cats even in the comforts of the finest home with the finest people are never too far removed from that survival of the fittest instincts. we’re looking out for number one is the most important thing.

If a new person comes on the scene a stranger for lack of better wording the first thing a cat will do is get a feel for that person. They won’t just put themselves out there because guessing wrong even once about a person and their intentions could result in an extremely negative outcome.

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Do Cats Tell If You’re A Good Person?

When it comes to feline ownership it’s not really about being a cat person like I said that’s for us human folks to talk to discuss but it’s not about being a cat person but rather being a good person (Person that a cat can trust).

Not only for shelter food and water but someone they can trust when it comes to actual physical comfort.

It’s fair to say that cat people quote-unquote cat people are gentle, caring, understanding, patient, and compassionate but in fairness to the rest of the world and other pet owners. Most people in society that are considered good people also possess these very same qualities, so these aren’t really things that set a cat owner apart from those who care for other animals or even other people.

Do Cats People Look different In Appearance?

Cat people aren’t born with a special marking or something although that would be interesting we’re all born with some Garfield tattoo or spot on us. If this happen it’s an easy to find right?

While cats are indeed very independent. They do want to approach us or they would like to approach us.

They want to be able to have that close physical contact without the fear of harm and that’s what it’s all about.

Can Cats Tell If You Love Them?

This type of question mostly comes to the mind of every cat owner do cats know I like them?

Well, cats are capable to understand love and affection that you show them in different forms example: When you kiss them in an affectionate way.

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Now, the question is do cats know you kiss them affectionate? The answer is yes! They know it very well.

According to 2019 study revealed the truth that kittens show the same behavior towards humans as they biologically show towards their parents. This also indicates that they know it very well you like them as their mother likes them.

Do Cats Have A Chosen Person?

Do Cats know If Someone Is A Cat Person? | Are You A Cat Person?

It’s found that in a multi-human household that cats will choose a particular family person or a member and spend their quality time with that person.

Canadae, the nutrition company shows in their study that the member who makes the efforts more than others is their favourite.

Does Your Cat Trust You?

In simple language you can find it by own.

How? I will tell you.

Well, if your cat sleep next with you it’s a great sign that shows your cat trust you more than anyone else. If your cat gives you this sign then you don’t need any other sign to check does they trust you or not. For me, its a complete sign that your cat gives you. Choose you as a resting spot is another sign they shows us love.

Are You A Cat Person?

Do Cats know If Someone Is A Cat Person? | Are You A Cat Person?

Are you personally someone that a cat or just some random cat would feel comfortable with Yes?, No?, Maybe?

Cats aren’t looking for some grand cat person. They’re looking for the right person. You can be a total novice when it comes to the feline world it doesn’t matter. If a cat thinks you’re cool well you’re cool it’s not complicated and it’s not wise to over-complicate things on the human side of the equation.

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Final Words

Personally, I would never label myself as a cat person because frankly, I’m not. In fact, I grew up with dogs and fish and I never had some grand revelation. One day some great desire to ever own a cat, not even a single cat.

However, the journey of life is an interesting one and it had other plans for me. The cats came to me and I kept an open mind, kept an open heart, and over the years I’ve owned several cats. Probably looked after at least a dozen or so in some capacity.

I maintained being a nice person. A person who is compassionate and generous and that’s really it nothing flashy.

On that note well, the ball is in your court, the litter is in your tray, the food is in your bowl all of that.

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below do you think that your cat is aware that you’re a cat person and that’s what makes the relationship so special. Your cat just knows that hey! That person, they love cats.

If you have an interesting backstory along your feline ownership journey I would certainly love to read it.


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