The Blanket: A comfort Within The Comfort. If your home is the comfort then a blanket is an extra layer of luxury. Do cats have favorite blanket? For cats, it really doesn’t get much better than soft pillows, a soft sofa, soft clothing as well as soft and comfortable blankets. Does your cat use only one blanket? And you think why my cat does this, is my cat like this blanket or there is another reason behind it.

Do cats have favorite blanket? Let’s discuss.

Do Cats Have Favorite Blankets?

Do Cats Have Favorite Blanket?

While fairly basic to us blankets can serve many purposes within the cats world. Sometimes, the blanket can act as a bed. Something a cat can roll up in or dwell under, other times a blanket can act as a form of shelter especially when chaos strikes and those rolls of thunder from the storm are just a bit too much on the nerves.

The calming powers of the blanket and hey! Just for fun, a good blanket can be used as a toy. Just something to mess with, something to bite, something to kneed, as in Knead with clay, and just something to generally manipulate.

Comfort is a place to get warm, security, shelter, and a plaything. The blanket can wear many hats and depending on what’s going on the blanket can serve all of those roles within a given day, within a given hour in some cases.

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Towels And Cats

Many cats like soft towels and my cats are no exception and while towels are not blankets. They’re pretty much the same when it comes to this conversation, they can serve all the same functions as a good blanket in the eyes of a cat. One of my cats loves to roll up in her own personal towel even taco bell can’t fold burritos quite as she can.

My cat well, she’s just all tucked in. It’s an art that’s what it is it’s art. At any rate, she’ll spend hours at a time in her mini fort, miles away from the rest of the world just living inside of her towel. When she comes out she yells at me because she’s missed half of the day, I tell her it’s not my fault she wanted to be a burrito.

Of course, that’s a story for another day which I tell you in another article of catsbin. It’ll probably be called burrito cat misses the entire day then cries.

What Makes A Favorite Blanket?

Do Cats Have Favorite Blanket?

So, what makes a blanket the blanket, the favorite blanket? Do cats have favorite blankets indeed they do? And if your cat has a favorite, it’s likely due to the following reasons.

Texture Of A Blanket

Let’s start with the texture and the comfort factor. The blanket has to feel good and it has to be well comfortable. If your cat likes the texture of a blanket then it feels comfortable in it.

Your Scent

The blanket also has to have a good scent, perhaps your scent. There has to be something pleasing to the nose that makes the blanket feel safe. And speaking of safe the blanket probably has to carry good past experiences.

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If a cat has had good sleep or comfortable relaxation on the blanket in the past then that’s all the more reason to return, just like a good restaurant if things are top-notch you’ll be back.


What about duration? How long has the cat been able to use the blanket? Well, time can play a very large role in making a blanket the favorite blanket.

Cats are creatures of habit and routine. And if a blanket has been around for a while perhaps even since day one then it’s a big part of that routine.

About Burrito Blanket

Do Cats Have Favorite Blanket?

Finally, let’s talk about burrito cats. Some blankets can be manipulated a bit easier than others and if your cat likes to do more than just rest on the surface but, really likes to make the most of the experience. A favorite blanket would likely be one that is easy to press on, tuck under, and of course roll up in. In simple words more taco bell-type things.

So that’s my list I think I covered most of the basics where blankets are concerned.

Not all blankets are created equal and cats that are allowed to make the most of blankets probably have a favorite.

Final Words

So let me go right on ahead and turn things right on over to you.

  • Does your cat have a favorite blanket old reliable?
  • Is the blanket a supreme napping spot?
  • Does your cat use the blanket for sport, biting, and playing around? and
  • Does your cat like to roll up in the blanket?

Please let me know down in the good old comment section below because your words are much more for catsbin.

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