Do Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

Watching TV is a fun and if you enjoy it then your pet also becomes a copycat. Do cats enjoy watching TV? I know every parent is curious to know about new things regarding their pet behaviour and this is a good thing. Cats are some of the most curious creatures around and this is why it should come as no surprise that many cats are quite interested in television.

Let’s start this interesting topic do cats enjoy watching TV? And open every closed books regarding this subject matter.

Do Cats Enjoy Watching Tv?

Do Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

Is your cat a television junkie? Those visual cues coupled with fresh and interesting sounds most cats absolutely love it.

Fast motion and all types of colours piquing that interest. One could easily make the case that a television is the ultimate stimulation piece for a cat. It’s basically everything from a curiosity standpoint, all rolled into one. It’s sort of like the living room window, only a lot more intense.

Constantly changing visuals, vocal stimulation, those flashing colours it’s never-ending. All of this can spark a cat stalking and hunting drive.

A TV screen is a world of motion almost like a mental treadmill for a cat, as long as it’s on the action is constant even if you’re just watching a simple weather forecast.

What Do Cats Think When They Watch TV?

If we talk about other senses of cats it’s very much strong such as hearing and smell. To understand the world around cats these senses take a major role.

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For most of the cats watching TV is not less than a noise and the fast motion on the screen that attracts their attention towards the screen.

Cats are natural hunters it’s a fact that everybody knows and it may show more interest in the television than others.

Does It Hurt Cats Eyes To Watch TV?

It’s an interesting question and I know when this question arrives in front of your eyes it makes you curious. The answer is simply ‘No’. There is no effect on your cat’s eyes and it doesn’t hurt.

Should I Leave My TV On For My Cats?

If you think about this you are a responsible cat parent and I appreciate you. If you believe whenever you are leaving from your house it makes your cat feeling bored then you should apply this method. The noise of the TV and continuously moving pictures calm your cat.

About Fun Factor

Do Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

In terms of the enjoyment factor cats that do love television often find it as a bit of a bonding tool with their owners. In their very own way, cats realize hey! That person, they watch that screen too so as long as they’re watching it, I’ll get up on the sofa and see if I can get some good petting it’s not a bad game plan for a cat.

In terms of what cats see and understand well, that part of things is sort of up in the air, opinions do vary. There is some speculation that cats could confuse the TV for real-life meaning they could potentially attack the screen especially, if they see or hear a cat or another animal.

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Most cats that do enjoy taking in some TV time, they like watching birds and mice and perhaps some of the programs related to cats.

I guess for every cat that could lash out. Other cats could just find it a bit curious in a sort of relaxing way. I suppose we all have our own tv preferences even cats.

My Personal Story

Of course, I couldn’t let a topic like this go or go to waste let’s say without some personal stories and I’ve got a few. One of my cats currently she likes to watch the national news.

Especially the commercials and many years ago my cat frosty rest in peace. He became fixated with well the winter olympics, more specifically figure skating.

A combination of the visuals and the music especially the music got his attention. Those classical numbers that you often hear during skating performances. Everything in terms of the skating went against what I would normally watch, so I think the freshness of the audio, coupled with the visuals certainly go this attention. It was something new.

As for my last account my last personal story my cats were roaming around one day, TV was on they weren’t paying a bit of attention. And then all of a sudden some bagpipers started doing their bit and the world stopped, the cats just froze and stared.

If memory serves this was during the royal wedding a few years back but I can’t recall. Sort of like the figure skating it was a different visual and certainly a different sound.

What You Need To Know

Do Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

In this, I tell you the things related to cats and it’s important to know as an owner. Are you ready?

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They can pretty much tolerate anything from a hearing and listening and just general audio standpoint if the sound whatever it is has become familiar, if the sound is common. Even jarring noises don’t freak cats out too much if they know what it is.

This is the reason that’s why cats don’t turn themselves inside out when they hear your ice machine for example why it’s common.

At any rate those bagpipes, those pipers piping it was a big deal it was something new and the cats they started paying attention to the TV that day, no question about it.

So just to put a nice bow on thing some cats are big tv watchers. They love the TV, they love everything about it. It’s ripe with curiosity and that’s really the take-home message today the television can pick a cat’s curiosity the audio, the visuals, the colours the fast movements and it’s really everything combined and it hits them all at once checking off all of the boxes required for interest.

Final Words

I hope you understand it and I’ll now turn things right on over to you. Do your cat also watch Tv? If you have any TV viewing stories, share it with catsbin. We appreciate your efforts because your words are a lot.

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