5 Disease Which Can Occur In Cats Due To Your Cat Food?

Today we will be discussing that what are all the disease which can occur in cats due to Your cat food. Due to all the ingredients which you are using in the food, it can be either dry food or homemade food and what are all the illnesses which can be caused due to them? We will be discussing this in detail.

Let’s start

5 Disease Which Can Occur In Cats Due To Your Cat Food?


First of all the very first diseases is obesity. If you provide your animal with such a diet which is a higher amount of fat content then it is possible your animal can be obese.

This condition is especially in old age cats or in adult cats because the activity level of these cats are not too much and they do not walk around too much. Most of their times they keep on sleeping so this is the reason they have a higher chance of obesity.

If you’re using any food then you must check the ingredients present in the food.


The second is pancreatitis. This is basically the information in pancreatitis.

Pancreas is an organ in the body which is present in cats and the basic function of this is to secrete the hormone. If the pancreas is not able to secrete the hormones properly then the digestion wouldn’t be proper.

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Pancreatitis basically happens due to fat, and if you provide excessive fat because the sources of fat are oil. For example coconut oil,  vegetable oil or olive oil because. They have fat present in them so you must consult your vet about this as well. And you must ask your vet about all the ingredients you are using as well.

Lower Urinary Tract Infection

The third is lower urinary tract infection. This infection is due to Minerals. What food you are using? If it’s either homemade food or dry food if you use minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium in a greater amount then there are chances of infection.

If you increase the amount of sodium then it is possible that the stone may form in the bladder which we call kidney stone. Due to which the cat won’t be able to pass urine.

Heart Disease

This is also due to sodium. The function of sodium is to cause water retention in the blood. If the sodium causes excessive retention and causes the water there then there are possible chances of cardiac arrest.

Some people ask me that we’re making the soup of chicken so should we add salt in it? So the answer is no. You do not have to add anything. Give normal feed and your cat the feline family does not like these things.

You will have to keep a normal diet. No matter which food you’re using if it’s either dry food or homemade food the ingredients present in it will have some amount of sodium.

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If you’re using any supplement then it is also possible that sodium is present in the supplements as well.


If you provide your animal a diet which has greater fat or protein amount.

Especially, if you give liver or minced meat then it is possible the animal may get into diarrhea. But, this depends whether the cat has allergic to this or not, because when the cat is allergic then it is possible the cat may have diarrhea.

There are some cats can be allergic to anything either its protein fat or carbohydrate source. You must provide your animals such ingredients which they can digest properly

Final words

I hope the five points I told you must have understood them.

These were some small points and things but were essential for you to know about them, so that your cat and kitten can remain totally healthy.

I hope you must have understood all the points.

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