“Colours of birman cats” talking about Birman’s I always get the same question like What colour is it? Or Does it have that white gloves? The truth is that colour really makes them difference from one cat to another, so this blog is all about colours.

Colours Of Birman Cats

Furry codes of cats not just Birman’s also others come in three different patterns. And what is interesting with this it’s not just in use for cats also for some other animals.

Now, the first one is point. It’s light color body with darker areas like pose or ears. Then it’s torti it has two different colors besides white and the tabby has a typical pattern with one predominating color.

Colours In Patterns

Colors in those patterns mostly come with seal or lilac or blue color. Also you can find them in red or creamy or chocolate. Officially there is 20 different colors registrated for Birman cats.

Birman cats are born totally white and then the color of their coat starts to developed a few weeks later. At about one year the color remains what it is to the rest of their life.

About Ori’s

Ori’s a few months old or in this photo and you can clearly see her wide body and some darker areas.

Now through the years she basically remained pretty much the same her belly was always white but on her back the color has became darker and darker.

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She was 18 years and I have when we have to put her sleep and she because she had her kidneys failed. But, the interesting part was just this furry coat it was basically remained the same to her last and it was very compact and very beautiful.

Now here are nika and neja soon after they were born and you can clearly see that their furry coat is totally white.

They’re always kitten and they develop through the time with the creamy and red color. Unofficially we kind of call them Charlie Brown and Garfield but Garfield was not as much as the color as it was by the behavior. I think you know this might happen that nail was the master and darker was her apprentice.


Meet mr. jenks (in above image) actually he was born as Niels and he is seal point color. Now you can see white body and darker areas right over here in seal color. He has this white gloves okay well this one is not just totally correct one but no worries about. And at the back these are v-shaped.

Tail is also a bit darker and I expect just like only through the years he will have very dark back.

This is Nika (in above image) she was born as Nina she’s very shy so we’re gonna have to do this very quickly. Now this is Lilia color you can see on the on her head and what I like about her she has very soft furry coat. It’s what we call fluffy.

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