Cats losing hair on ears and above eyes is usually a sign of a bigger problem. Balding is ordinarily a side effect of a hidden issue, except if your feline is a sphinx. Growing bald patches sometimes confuse cat owners and makes them worry about their cats. They think, Why does this happen to my cat? Is it a disease? or cat lose its fur during a specific season or a stage or a period? Why is my cat’s fur falling out?

Scent glands are found in front of ears with a lot of strength. The possibility arises here that your cat has baldness in that area because of the abrasive nature of your cat leaving its scent behind. This is also the reason for thin hair in cats on that particular area.

Why Do Cats Losing Hair On Ears And Above Eyes?

Why Do Cats Losing Hair On Ears And Above Eyes?

Cat hair loss is also known as alopecia. Sometimes alopecia is either obtained or inherited.

If you find any bald spot on the head of your cat, it very well might be the time to investigate this subject matter. There are most of the reasons why do cats losing hair on their ears.

Hereditary Reason

In instances of inherited going bald, there is no fundamental cause aside from an exchange of genes, so bare patches display no aggravation and don’t appear to annoy an impacted cat by any means.

Some cat breeds are prone to hereditary hair loss including:

  • Burmese
  • Siamese
  • Devon Rex
  • Birman


The scientific name of ear mite is Otodectes cynotis. Ear mites are the cause of itching in cats and result in hair loss on the head and ears. These mites are easily transferable to other cats and once in a while even transfer to people but they can’t survive on human beings.

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What Are The Signs of Ear Mite Infection In Cats?

  • Redness
  • Foul odor
  • Brown, waxy build-up in ears
  • Hair loss
  • Scratching
  • Ear shaking
  • Head rubbing

Itching, Allergies, And Fleas

Fleas infect pets several times in their lives. At the time when a flea bites your cat, the saliva left behind that can cause itching on that particular area. At this, your cat scratches the area continuously in an abnormal way. This is the reason why fleas become the cause of hair loss in cats.

How To Deal With Infestations?

Using insecticidal products such as shampoos, and sprays are the best way to deal with infestations at home. With the help of physical presence, you can easily determine fleas on your cat.

Nervous Illness

Sometimes cats are suffering from neuropathic discomfort (dysfunction in the nervous system). Cat, who is suffering from nervous illness continuously grooms itself not in a normal way. Exhaustion and Nervousness also be the reason for hair loss in cats.

Food Allergies

Unfortunately, quite many cats are suffering from different kinds of allergies mostly food-related ones. No matter how ironic it may sound but some of them might even have allergies to specific kinds of meat such as poetry.

Quite naturally the allergy may also cure two components. You can find in almost any dry food for cats Be it corn, rice, or wheat.

You always need to pay a lot of attention while choosing proper nutrition for your kitty before things go in a completely wrong manner.

If you’re lucky enough to have a black cat it can actually see the little specks of dandruff walking around. You can pretty well diagnose that on your own otherwise a skin straightening is necessary to be taken and that needs to be done at your off at office or if a vet comes to your house. 

Many times the mites will start around the cat ears or around the eyes and just taking a small straight being looking at the microscope they’re pretty easy to identify. Not all the time are they clear that you see that even though it might look like a mange condition.

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It starts around the ears, then goes further on the face, around the neck, and then it goes all over the body.

It can’t be a real serious problem although they won’t live on people. They will live their whole life cycle on the cat. It’s usually the period of appearance where the cat is losing some hair, it can get red and raw and ulcerated from them scratching and digging at it.

Some of the mites are itchier and some conditions aren’t, so it varies a little bit.  There are basically those two types of mites in cats and strictly they do live on their whole life cycle.

Does Mange Go Away On Its Own?

If mange is localized then it may go away by its own. Occasionally insecticide gel or a cream vet may prescribe for boosting up the process. It may go away by its own, however, vets generally treat dogs with oral medications or dips.

How To Distinguish Between Ear Mites And Dirty Ears?

Why Do Cats Losing Hair On Ears And Above Eyes?

Is it ear mite or just dirty ears? I know most of the owners are confused in this situation. But, now it’s time to end this confusion.

You can easily differentiate between ear mites and dirty ears. The internal parts of the ears of felines with ear bugs will seem dusty, with dull brown or rosy earthy colored trash.

Solar Dermatitis

Solar dermatitis is also the cause of cats losing hair on the ears and above eyes. Another name of solar dermatitis is what most people prefer to pronounce is known as sunburn. 

In most of the cases, solar dermatitis also be the cause of hair loss around the nose area.

Home Remedies For Solar Dermatitis

Prevention is better than cure you know it very well. You can usually take a precaution on this subject matter.

Not every time but if you feel symptoms of sunburn then keep your cat away from the sun. Especially at that time when the sun appears brighter in the sky because long exposure to the sun be the reason for solar dermatitis.

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For fast healing, you can also apply some antibiotics to your cat.

Chronic Stress

Psychogenic alopecia is another name for chronic stress in cats. It’s less obvious but also plays an important role in hair loss. Cats are more conscious related to grooming. During the time of chronic stress in cats, they groom themselves more as compared to normal days.

In simple words more they feel stressed more they groom themselves. This is the reason behind cats losing hair and promoting bald patches.

Is It Normal For Old Cat Or Older Cats To Lose Hair?

Why Do Cats Losing Hair On Ears And Above Eyes?

In the case of humans, hair fall problem at an older stage is a common thing and you can also say this thing also similar if we talk about cats. Yes, it’s normal for an old cat or older cats to lose hair. 

If your cat crosses 11 years then you can say your cat is getting old because the average life span of a cat is 15 years.

When a cat is at an old stage experience thinning of fur. You can also imagine bald patches on that stage. In the old stage, their fur becomes white but the whiskers turn black.

Final Words

If you find any bald patch on your cat near the eyes or behind the ears is an early indication that your cat or furry baby needs treatment, particularly if they have a history of problems related to thyroid or are sensitive to stress.

In the majority of the cases, hair can grow back while giving therapy relieves of hair loss in cats.

Vet care is necessary. If you find any bald spot on your cat’s head, behind ears, or above eyes then go to the vet for consultation and checkup. I hope catsbin helps you to out the answer related to the topic Why Do Cats Losing Hair On Ears And Above Eyes? If you like this article share it with your friends.

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