Cats Communication – Sometimes owners surprised when they know about cats communication, I think you also surprised at that time when you know about cats communication. If you find all interesting things about cats communication then this blog is for you. Here I describe all things in simple and readable language I think you like it very much.

So let’s come to the topic about cats communication.

Do Cats Communicate?

Cats communication

Yes, they do and it’s a very interesting topic and complex – they have a variety of sounds that they use like meow, chatter, chirp, hiss and growl, you know those are the negative ones but they also use body language they use their ears, their whiskers, their eyes and their tail.

Do Cats Have A Communication Pattern?

Do cats cats have communication pattern that sort of recognized amongst other cats and other animals or it’s primarily just cats was primarily just humans or is that known? If you are also confused in this type question so the answer is, there is a very big difference in the way that cats communicate among cats and the way they communicate with people.

The most important thing is the meow, that cats do not communicate with each other using a meow. The young adult cats will not do that thing, only kittens will be out to their mothers to let them know where they are, what they’re doing, are they okay but adult cats will mostly meow with people.

Is It Is A Manipulative Tool?

Some scientists have said that it’s kind of a manipulative tool you know because here it is 10:30 at night and the cat meows and you’re reading or watching TV and you go ohh yes! and you pick up the cat and you start petting it and snuggling it and the cat goes oh that’s a winner.

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You know it meows and you get up and you give them a little snack and so cats learn by association, so they’re go okay, I’m (cat) out this way, I (cat) got this, so it it has to do with the response of the owner.

Cats Relationship

Cats Communication

So the above thing seems like the cats driving a relationship? yes! totally yes! Now there something that you can learn from this or should know about cats communication.

The longer you have the cat the stronger the bond and all of a sudden you go ohh! I totally understand my cat, it’s almost like a secret code, that happens between the cat and the owner.

The cat can meow, like a short meow all of a sudden and another cat can do the same sound but it means different things to different owners, so it’s about your relationship to your cat.

Is It Have Anything To Do With The Breed?

There are certain breeds that are more vocal than others like for instance Iommi’s cats, siamese cats will meow and will tell you everything and whine about everything that went on during the day, when you come home and they’re also you know like everything else that our cats are very silent that they’re don’t meow too much, so it’s a balance.

Tips About How to Interpret Them Communications Of Your Cat?

Follow your guts, definitely follow your instinct because as I said, the two cats can do the same exact sound but it totally means something different to the owner and to that cat.

And it depends like for instance, you know a cat could be meowing out loud and being hiding under a chair, so some some people would say ohh! it’s meowing, must want something but then you look at the cat and you realize this, that is a distressed meow.

The cat has never meow that loud before, so that should raise an alert somewhere you know be careful, something is off here, so it’s does have a lot to do with your relationship with the cat and how much you know your cat.

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My Cat Meowing Too Much, Can I Ignore Them?

Cat just wants to eat more but really you know the cat is well-fed should you just ignore those communications or is there some reaction that might you know make it better for the future?

Of course if the cat is just meowing, just meowing just to be an obnoxious cat, ignore it. Don’t give in because the moment you give in that cat’s has trained you period.

Although, if you know or if you wanna establish a routine that you want to keep doing later on, you know okay it’s 10:30 it’s our little time together, I’m gonna snuggle my cat and the cat knows, that’s fine! you know that’s also something you want to do but if you don’t want the cat to actually go there every day and do that every single day, ignore the cat.

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What Cats Understand About Humans?

well cats actually manipulate humans. you know it’s they do it in a way that they get what they want from humans.

If we talk about, they do have a certain amount of intelligence? of course yes! and they’re very smart because they know exactly when to do certain things, when to meow and when not to meow.

It’s it’s very interesting because usually feral cats do not meow at all and the reason why feral cats do meow is because they are aware of predators and they don’t one become prey, so they have to be silent.

They have another way of communicating among themselves and so, with the human it’s different, the cat knows there’s no dangers, there’s nothing and if he wants to go there and if he wants to meow and if he wants to purr and if he wants to chirp and chatter that’s a whole new world and usually domestic cats will do that.

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How Cats Read Human Emotions When We Angry At Them?

Cats Communication

It is mostly the tone of voice because when we talk to a cat if we use kitty voice or baby voice  like “Oh sweetheart come here” you know we do it this kind of high-pitched voice, the cat likes that one and so it responds.

Now if all of a sudden and I tell you know everybody is like you don’t have to yell at a cat, you don’t have to say no yelling at the cat because the only thing that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make the cat afraid of you.

In simple words use a firm tone of voice, that’s it. Go away from the little kitty voice or Baby Talk and all that and use a firm tone of voice. For me cats are differentiating between the tone of your voice.

How Firm Tone Voice Is Usefull?

Use a firm tone of voice when you’re telling a cat’s “no” because you can train a cat not to do something. If you keep it firm and consistent they will know that.

Also there is the part that not only you have to tell the cat “no” you have to reward the cat for doing it right in order to encourage them.

What Is Cat Kiss?

Cats Communication

If I stand in front of a cat even though cat that I don’t know but I’m talking in a very gentle soft voice that’s what cats love the gentle soft voice.

They don’t know, they don’t like loud people and so when I stand in front of the cat and I talk in a voice like that and then I give a slow blink to that cat, probably 98 percent of the cases that cat is going to slow slow blink back at me.

we call it the cat kiss like saying okay, I got your fielding, I got what you’re thinking, I’m okay with you, I like you it means a lot of things but it’s a positive feeling.

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