Cat Urine Odor Removal The Cheap And The Safe Way? Adopting a pet is very easy but caring for a pet is difficult, so only adopt a pet if you are responsible. If you adopt a cat then pee odours are common. I know, it’s irritating owners too much that’s why I write this blog. This blog tells you all about how to get rid of cat pee smell the cheap and the safe way?

So, let’s come to the point and start a discussion.

How To Clean Cat Pee Smell The Cheap And Safe Way?

Cat Urine Odor Removal The Cheap And The Safe Way?

You need 2 things for doing this job i.e

  1. Detection: You need a way to detected the cat urine spots and
  2. Cleaning solution: A way to permanently remove and clean the cat urine spot

Understand that cats sense of smell is 16 times stronger than humans. You will be shocked to know when the cat urine spots start to age or start to fade usually the cat will remark the area by spraying urine on it.

At this, it is very important to have a cleaning solution that could permanently remove the cat urine smell.

How You Can Detect Cat Urine?

You could use your nose to smell out the cat urine spots. But, I don’t recommend that. As the human nose is not that sensitive compare to cats.

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Cat Urine Odor Removal The Cheap And The Safe Way?

I recommend that you get yourself a black light Something like described in the above image. Get anything below the UV spectrum of 385nm Which is a good range to detect pet urine.

Else it will make your money glow but not the cat urine.

The light shown in the above image is the ANKER Bolder UV Flashlight. It has a UV spectrum of 380nm. Furthermore, it is also rechargeable via the micro USB port.

It’s time for the detective work, so let’s put our detective hat on, Off the lights And start searching.

To make your life much easier, I suggest you use chalk to make the area. This is especially helpful when you have multiple urine spots.

Important Note: When cleaning the area NEVER EVER use bleach.

Why We Can’t Use Bleach?

As cat urine contain ammonia, and when bleach is mixed into ammonia it produces dangerous gases, so stop using bleach.

What Product You Can Use To Remove Cat Pee Smell?

As for cleaning, I recommend you use an enzyme-based cleaner like shown in the above image. The enzyme is not only safe for cats but, it does break those cat urine very well

If used correctly then it will permanently remove those nasty cat pee smells.

However, it does take time for that enzyme to react to the cat urine, so do read your product instruction carefully before using it.

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Final words

Here is a secret tip:  It is much cheaper to buy the enzyme base cleaner in the supermarket compared to the pet shop.

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Take me for an example, it will cost me 2 times more to buy an enzyme-based cleaner that is specially branded in a pet shop compare to the usual supermarket brand enzyme-based cleaner.

The best thing is that it does not matter which one you buy. Both cleaners work exactly the same and it get rid of the cat urine smell.

For myself, I will always go for the supermarket for brand enzyme-based cleaners. So, how about you?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: If you are trying any product for the first time make sure you try it in a small area first for just to make sure there is no discolouration.


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