Cat Urinary Tract Infection, Reasons And Solution : I hope you all must be fine and I pray that you remain safe and happy and your pet remains healthy.

In this blog, we will be talking about ”Feline Urinary Tract Disease” and I will also tell you that How does this spread, what are its symptoms? And what is the treatment and what all do you need to know about the “feline urinary tract disease”

lets start

What Is Feline Urinary Tract Disease?

Cat Urinary Tract Infection | Reasons And solutions

First of all you need to know that what is “feline urinary tract disease”? And what all sections are involved in this?

Urinary bladder Plus Urethra

First is Urinary Bladder plus Urethra. “URINAR BLADDER” means the place where the urine is stored. And “URETHRA” means the path from where the urine flows.

But, What is this?

This is a very strange type of pain and the animal feels pain while urinating.

Now lets talking about that what all can cause this?

What Are The Possible Teasons Of The “URINAL TRACT DISEASE”?

Cat Urinary Tract Infection | Reasons And solutions


The first one is “STONE”. If you give your animal a diet which has a high level of sodium than there are chances of a stone being developed.

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The 2nd is “INFECTION”. If there is any infection in the urinal tract than there is a possibility of blood coming out or the urinal bladder mag get inflammed.

Apart from this there are chances of inflammation. If there is an inflammation in the urinal bladder than the animal feels immense pain, and this can be a very critical condition.

The reason for this inflammation can be the stress of your animal. This was a reasearch and I found this point wich great difficulty because it was already in my mind as I had read this somewhere before, so stress can aso be the reason for the inflammation in of urinal bladder.

Apart from this urithral obstruction can occur. This is mostly in male, and this is not very common in female. You will get to see this in male mostly and the urine blockage in them is very common.

What Are The Symptoms, And How Can You Identify In Your Pet?

Cat Urinary Tract Infection | Reasons And solutions

Now, lets talk about that what are all the symptoms and how can you identify the urinal tract disease in your animal that whether the animal is having any issue within his body.


First of all it is possible that the animal may stain the urine. He/She may try very hard to urinate but won’t be ble to do, so we call this condition “DYSURIA”. This means that staining to urinate.


The 2nd one is “PAINFUL URINATION”. In this, the animal is urinating but in drops. And he might be facing some problems in urinating and may feel pain.

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This all happens mostly when there’s a stone developed and the duct becomes totally closed and the animal may be trying very hard to empty their bladder due to ehich they feel pain, so these can be some symptoms aswell.


The third that it is possible that the animal is doing bloody urination. It is possible that there ase some drops of blood in the urine or the entire urine may consist of blood.

If the entire urine is blood than its possible that the bladder is severely impacted. This is a life threatening condition and the animal can also die in this condition.

Apart from this

  1. Lack of apetite may happen.
  2. Irratibility can happen like, the animal gets too much irritated and the animals start licking their reproductive organs.
  3. The animal may feel severe irritation while urinating.
  4. It is also possible that the animal may start urinating outside the litter box.

Lets Talk About The Treatment

Cat Urinary Tract Infection | Reasons And solutions

Treatment can be done by passing a catheter so that the urine can keep exiting the body through it. But, this is done at that time when there is no obstruction, so in that condition you can pass a catheter.

Apart from this it is also possible that a surgery may be needed to done. But the diagnosis in this can be either done through x ray because if there is any stone so x ray is only recommended.

Because of x ray only it can be identified that whether any hard thing is trapped in and if the disease in normal than it can be covered by anti biotics also.

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Final words From Me To You

I hope you must have understood all the points related to urinal tract disease. I think going for a vet is the best action you can perform because this disease is actually very important and this such a disease which can cause your animals death.

If your healthy animal suddenly gets sick than its possible that he already had some serious issue and he can die within 1 or 2 days.


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