Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days? – This question is  usually asked by those owners who are doing job and for work they can leave from home for 2 or 3 days. I think it’s a good thing to worry about pets because pets also worry about us.

This blog helps you to find the answer of this complex question How Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days? If I talked about those owners who love their pet too much for them it’s impossible to leave the cat alone because they are are so much worry them.

How long you can live your cat to be alone in your apartment?

Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days

So as we as we all know cats are not same like a dog. They don’t need any activity outside house like you don’t need to walk them, you don’t need to spend time with them make them to be active.

Cats are simple animals which requires safe environment and all necessary needs to live comfortable. There are so many cat owners or people who work frequently, or you already know that you can leave your cat during working hours, but if you are forced to leave your apartment longer than that period for day or two or maybe three then it’s not problem.

If you follow rules we are going to explain right now, so to prepare your cat to be at home alone you will need to follow these steps to make it a low stress for your cat.

HOW Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days?

Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days




To prepare your cat this thing, you need to be understand the below steps and follow them

Step 1 –  To Prepare Them Fresh Water

So, as you know cats are animals which will feed themselves as much as they want and they will drink water as much as they need, so point is first and most essential thing is, to prepare them fresh water.

Not so expensive things what you can buy which you can fill with one and half liter of water, turn upside down and you always have fresh water for your cat, but remember water is stored in that way cannot stay longer than three or four days because it will start to be dirty, start to collect dust and cats like very clean animal will start to refuse your water and they won’t drink it.

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So that can be something what you need to consider a lot. There are solutions how you can find automatic system for providing water but there are more expensive but everything depends how long you will be away from your home.

I think first option will be pretty enough if you are going for a one or two days.

Step 2

If outside is summer or winter and you’ll leave your home thinking, okay I’m not there, so I don’t need to use air-conditioner or heater then you are wrong.

As you, same way your cat need the same climb condition to be optimal for their normal living, so if it’s hot you will need to leave your air-conditioned tuned on optimal temperature and same like if it’s winter then you will need to do the same with your heater.

At this, don’t even think to forget something like this if whether is out of normal that means if it’s overheat or if it’s too cold.

Best way to keep outdoor cat warm in winter

Step 3 – How To Solve Food Problem?

Here is one tricky part, if your cat is used to eat dry food you don’t have any problem because you know 99% of cats will eat in this way, you will leave some food in some pot it can be 100 gram – 200 gram or you can have out the feeder and your cat when start to eat, won’t eat everything like dog. Cat will eat as much as cat need, to not be hungry anymore.

So, if you have the same way like you have some pots out of pots for water, if you have some 10 or 20 euros you can buy the same thing for your cat in everyday living, so you don’t need to use some plate or whatever you can buy that out of feeder which works same like water you fill it full if it’s dry food, put inside to fill it until top clothes turn upside down and you can leave it for a few days and your cat is without any problem what’s related with food.

Although, if your cat does not eat dry food then you have problem. The problem is, if your cat receive food which is not dry or some soft food, after few hours this food will start to be dry, so your cat will that time and next day will refuse simply that food because it’s not to get used to it with dry food. At this, you have problem and you will need to find another solution if your cat does not eat dry food.

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Step 4 – Provide Second Litter Box

If you are going to stayaway from your home for day or a two – the best thing what you can do for your cat is to provide second litter box because cats are clean animals.

They will use litter box once or twice or three times and after that when they see it’s full, they won’t use it anymore but they won’t do anything about toilet things around your apartment, they will suffer and wait until it’s clean, so the best way how you can make everything comfortable for your cat is to provide second litter box if you will be away from your home for two or three days.

So, the best solution how you can solve this problem if you will stay longer than two days or three days is to provide second litter box. At this, you don’t have any problem with toilet and things related about that, with that, with your cat and everything will be okay.

Step 5 – Give Them Some Entertainment Stuff

The more more essential thing is where you are going to leave your cat alone in apartment, don’t forget some things what you don’t consider as important but they are essential for your cat.

Make sure that your cat will stay in environment with some entertainment stuff, so that means you will need to leave some toys that your cat ordinary use, some things what will make them feel not bored and everything what will provide them environment with low stress, so if you live cat only an apartment without anything then you need to think how you will feel in four walls without anything?

So you should ensure everything what’s possible to make time your cat will stay alone to pass as fast as it’s possible.

Step 5 –  If You Are Providing Your Cat Companion You Should Think Double

If you will be in situation to adopt some cat companion, your cat will be very thankful in case your cat is socialized and don’t help with other animals but if you will have one more cat in that period if you think like a normal human being with using common sense like you don’t like to stare alone your cat don’t like to stare along, so if you can provide additional cat for your cat.

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You also need to calculate that everything what you usually provide for your cat should be double so double food  double water, double litter box. So, if you are providing your cat companion you should think double.

Step 6 – Provide Cat Sitter

We have a solution for people who say they don’t trust their cat or they are afraid that something bad can happen. The last solution we can recommend here is to provide cat sitter. You have professional cat sitter and you have friends as cat sitters. If you use professionals you don’t need to worry about anything, they will maybe require you to bring some food what catch what your cat usually like and you will bring your cat there and for some cat which are get used to live like that it won’t be any problem.

If you provide some friend to be a cat sitter, you should consider in the way like you live your child, so that means you will need to give your health book, contact with your pet doctor and everything related with your cat and cats habit that your friend can help you carrying that period staying with your cat.

So there are two options you can leave your cat alone and I guarantee you don’t need to worry about anything if your cat is socialized and if your cat is not destructive but if you have any behavior issues with your cat then you will need cat sitter for sure and of course I will always recommend professional.

If you are in situation that you need someone to come and stay with your cat or you will bring your cat there (which I strongly don’t recommend)

So, if you speak about your place, you will need to leave everything related with your cat to that person.

Final Important Thing

The one very important thing in the end is don’t even think to leave kittens alone. When we speak about cat we always speak about adult cat, so that means over one year. Cats younger than one year or even six months are still kittens and there is no way you can leave them alone longer than maximum one hour because they don’t have that feeling to be independent and you always need to be near them to give them any kind of support if it’s necessary.

So, when we speak about living cat alone we speak about adult cats, so nice I hope I help you anyhow with this blog considering some situation and problems thinking about living your cats at home alone.

How Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 2 Or 3 Days? – YouTube Video


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