Can I Give My Cat Eggs? Is It Good For Them? Sometimes owners of the pets confused in questions related to pet food. So I think it’s a good thing to check it at once Is it safe or not? before giving to there pet.

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Can I Give My Cat Eggs?

Can I Give My Cat Eggs

Eggs contain proteins that are easily digestable by your furry baby (cat) and are rich in amino acids that helps in maintaining  muscle health.

However, even if eggs are wonderfully nutritious, they do not provide a complete and balanced food. A cat fed nothing but eggs will develop, in time, significant dietary deficiencies.

That’s why eggs should be fed as treats or as a supplement.

Can I Give My Cat raw eggs?

Can I Give My Cat Eggs

“No”, you can’t give raw eggs to cats.

If the eggs are not cooked, they may harbor bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli. These cause food poisoning. Another big thing is, raw egg whites can be dangerous for cats.

Not because of bacteria, but due to a protein called avidin, which binds to the essential vitamin biotin and prevents cats from assimilating it.

By cooking the eggs, avidin is denatured. Giving cooked eggs to your cat prevents all of these risks.

And if you are worried about eggs raising your cat’s cholesterol level, don’t be. It’s not dietary cholesterol that causes human heart disease.

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Final Words

So, eggs, in general, are safe for people to eat, and also for cats, but remember not give raw eggs to your furry baby (cat).

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