Can Cats See A Rainbow? – Now there’s a common belief that cats are color blind and can only see in shades of grey, but this isn’t entirely true. Today in this blog we’re asking what is a cat see when it looks at a rainbow? Cat’s eyes have a different structure than ours do and that means that they see the world differently and in turn see rainbows in a different way.

Lets come to the point Can Cats See A Rainbow?

Can Cats See A Rainbow?

At the back of the eyes of complex animals like humans and cats there’s a structure called the retina. The retina contains two types of cells that are photoreceptors Rods and Cones

  • Rods : Rods are very sensitive to picking up images but they only see contrast light and dark rather than colors. These are what we use to see in the dark. The next time that you’re in a dark room or outdoors at night without lights, pay attention and you’ll notice you’re not really seeing colors.
  • Cones : The other cells that we used to see are much less sensitive than rods but they provide all of the color information that we’re used to. Most humans have millions of cone cells that come in three varieties which allows us to see three types of light red, green and blue light.

Now cats only have two types of cones which means they can only see green and blue. Now this may seem like a small distinction but it’s amazing.

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Can Cats See A Rainbow?


How many more colors you can see when you add one more type of cone. Without red cones we wouldn’t just miss out on red but also purple, yellow orange and more.

Now about 1% of men have this type of colorblindness. It’s called protanopia. And it’s this similarity that led to the perception that cats are colorblind.

People vs Cats

Can Cats See A Rainbow?

While it may seem to us that cats are missing out on a huge part of the color spectrum. Cat’s eyes have superior rods to ours which means that they can see much better in the dark. They can even distinguish between many more shades of grey than we can I mean you’re not gonna get a cat excited about 50 shades of gray.

Now we’re not the king of the jungle when it comes to seeing color either animals like birds and butterflies can see more colors than we can including some new the ultraviolet range. And there’s one species of shrimp that has 16 types of cones.

Colour perception

If you can’t tell already, color perception is sort of hard to explain because we don’t really have an objective view of colors. Now we know that different colors conform to different parts of the light spectrum but we don’t really know of what we’re seeing is what other people are seeing and there’s no real way to experience what we’re missing out on, but science does point to the fact that cats perceive rainbows differently.

We see seven colors in the rainbow red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet. Good old ROYGBIV if you remember that from our class. Cats meanwhile see a rainbow of blues and greens with grey making up the missing colors. They also see less saturation than we do, which means to them colors seem less vivid.

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So cats can see some colors and some of the rainbow question-answer right? Well not exactly because cats don’t really use their color perception all that much. In one study cats did learn to distinguish between two different colors but only when the colors were very different and only after many attempts

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Review : Cats and Colours

Can Cats See A Rainbow?

What does this mean? Well for one thing cats don’t need to be great at seeing colors because they don’t really need to discriminate between colors in their daily life.

Although cats have the cones to be able to see some colors their brains aren’t really trained to use this ability, so it takes them a long time cat’s eyes have evolved to be very good at perceiving motion in low-light which is perfect when you’re stalking prey at night or in a dense jungle. So, when cats will get rainbows? We really don’t know what they see but we do know that it’s different.

Now humans are drawn to the beauty of the world and all the colors of the rainbow and cats probably don’t care.

I hope you get much more information about this interestig topic Can Cats See A Rainbow? If you also want to know about why cats are considered spiritual gurus then read the full article. The link is given below.

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