Can Cats Have Salami? Is It healthy For Them? How much can they eat? This blog answers you all such type of questions.

Lets begin

Can Cats Have Salmai? Is It Healthy For Them?

Can Cats Have Salami

We all know cats are in love with meat and can go nuts when sensing it. Like when you crave a salami sandwich, you go to the fridge, open it, take the salami and baam, in a second your cat is next to you sniffing and meowing like a maniac.

What do you do now?

So the question is what do you do now? Give her a slice ? or shut her in the fridge…aa, sorry in another room so, you can peacefully enjoy your sandwich? Well, if you think like me, then you’ll most likely give her a little salami.

But is it ok for her to eat it?

Can Cats Have Salami

According to some studies, completed over a 2 year period, results found that cat kidneys are better suited for processing salt which is a major ingredient in salami, better than dogs and even better than humans.

One study done on older cats, who were at an even higher risk for heart and kidney disease compared to younger cats, found that a diet that was three times higher in salt had no adverse effect on blood pressure, kidney, or heart function. Well that was an interesting thing.

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So in short words “yes”, your kitty should be fine with a small piece of salami as a treat.

In another study of cats, one more interesting thing is found that cats can eat a relatively high fat diet without raising cholesterol levels.

Well now I wish I was a cat…(don’t take it serious it’s a joke)

As long as calorie consumption is monitored, increasing fat in your cat diet will not affect weight gain or risk for heart disease.

Now, the question is…

How Many Slices Can A Cat Eat?

Can Cats Have Salami

Well this depends on the type of salami. More often, it contains garlic and some other spices.

This is the ugly part.

According to ASPCA research, garlic is poisonous to cats… even, also a small amount or garlic can cause poisoning.

We are responsible masters. So we don’t want this to happening. Garlic contains such type of chemicals chemicals that damages or destroy red blood cells.

The bad thing is that it’s not obvious.

It may take several days for symptoms to appear. The severity of the condition depends on the amount of garlic ingested and the weight, breed and overall health of the cat.

In the case of moderate garlic poisoning, the cat will fully recover. The usual symptoms are

  • Upset Stomach
  • Fatigue
  • rapid and shallow breathing
  • pale gums and a rapid heart rhythm.

When you see this, call the vet immediately with no hesitation. Other salami components (such as spices and herbs) are not good for your cats. They may not be as harmful to cats as garlic, but the amount may be a threat.

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So please be careful when deciding on giving your cat this types of food.

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