Can Cats And Rabbit Get Along? – It’s a very common question because if you are an owner of a cat and want to adopt a rabbit or if you are the parent of a rabbit and want to adopt a cat then this question is genuine because you are a nice human being and you don’t want your pet fighting with each other. At this you want to know can cats and rabbit get along? Is it possible?

In this blog, we will discusss, Is it possible can cat and rabbit get along? If yes, then how you can do it? And What Is The Perfect Time To Introduce Them?

Let’s start Can Cats And Rabbit Get Along?

Can Cats And Rabbits Get Along?

Can Cats And Rabbit Get Along?

Cats and rabbits get along and the answer is yes! In some cases, they can. But what you want to do is set them up for success.

Control The Environment

You have to control the environment. You have to introduce the cat to the rabbit in an environment where the cat doesn’t feel predatory.

Trim Your Cats Nails

You also need to trim the nails on the cat. Just the tips, the curved part and your veterinarian can show you how to do that, should be done once a month because when a rabbit is scratched by a cat that can be a very very serious thing. It can lead to a serious abscess within 12 hours or a couple of days, so we don’t want that to happen.

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Cats Hunting Behavior

You have to understand that cats play one game and that game is hunting and all of the toys for cats out there they encourage this behavior. We’ve all seen the little feathers that are attached to a stick Ir string and you pull them along and the cat pounces and has a good time, well that’s encouraging the natural behavior of a cat which is to stalk, capture and kill.

So, when we introduce a cat to a rabbit we don’t want to set them up in that type of scenario. The best thing to do is to put the bunny inside either a cage or better yet a pen, have a hiding box in there for the rabbit, so the rabbit can have someplace to go to feel safe.

Also, make sure that the cat can’t reach in and swipe or scratch the bunny, that would not be good. If you do it this way this will give thee cat time to observe how the rabbit moves? when a rabbit hops that can trigger a predatory response from a cat, so we want that cat to observe that rabbit and say oh you know that I guess it’s normal for that critter.

You want to do this with your two animals several days in a row, don’t try to push it, it can take days it can take a week it can take a month.

What Is The Perfect Time To Introduce Cats And Rabbit?

Can Cats And Rabbit Get Along?

When you are comfortable and you feel that the cat and the rabbit are comfortable with each other then and only then can you give them supervised access to each other.

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I usually tell people to keep it short you know short segments. You want to end on a good note you don’t want to be constantly scolding your cat because the cat is chasing a rabbit or you don’t want to be yelling it throughout it because the rabbit is chasing the cat or is running away in fear of the cat, so keep it short keep it positive. Just don’t try to rush it.

What You Should Never Do?

Can Cats And Rabbit Get Along?

One thing I would never do is introduce a baby bunny to a cat. That cat is going to look at that small little baby bunny and go oh my goodness that’s a meal I must catch and eat it.

The other thing I would very careful about is introducing a dwarf rabbit to a cat, you just have to use a lot of caution. The most common scenario that we see is you’ll have a big bunny in a cat.

The cat meets the rabbit and the rabbit charges the cat because my goodness what is that big furry thing in my area? you know rabbits are very territorial. And the cat looks at that and says oh my goodness what is this thing coming at me I think I’m going to back off or the cat may even run away and hide. Just give them time to get used to each other.

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Some rabbits will rule over cats but some will become the best of cuddling buddies, so always use caution though your rabbit knows your cat, know how they react, use your intuition, go slowly and help them develop a lasting friendship. Believe me, it is worth the effort. 

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