Sometimes it is noticed that Cats perform endless behavior when they relate to humans which I described in previous articles. In this blog I explain Can Cat Scratches Kill You? | Is It A Problem? So lets come to the topic Can Cat Scratches Kill You? | Is It A Problem? 

Can cat scratches kill you

Can Cat Scratches Kill You? Is It A Problem?

Can cat scratches kill you

It is very likely when you have more than one cat. They will decide to mark you as a part of their territory so that others can know you are their property. Usually, it’s no problem – the scratch usually disappears. But now the center for disease control is warning cat owners to be on guard against a rising new potentially – deadly infection called cat-scratch diseases. And no – we did not make this one up.

Cat Scratch Diseases Is A Bacterial Infection

Cat scratch diseases or cat scratch fever is a bacterial infection that can be extremely serious. Its caused by bacteria Bartonellahenselae, a rod-shaped bacteria found on 50 percent of cats.

Cats transmit the bacteria, through the saliva so if they bite you or scratch you after licking their claws then you’re in trouble. Cats usually carry the diseases without any symptoms of infection, the same way you carry bacteria on our skin without any sign of illness.

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Can Cat Scratch Diseases Kill You? Is It True?

Can cat scratches kill you

We think cat scratch diseases are rare – most of you wouldn’t freak out if you got a little scratch from your furry friend – but analysts at CDC discovered cat scratch diseases are much more common than we think!

They explained the national health insurance claim from 2005 to 2013 for patients aged 65 and younger. And found that every year about 12,000 people are diagnosed with CSD (cat scratch disease).

They also discovered that illness requires something about 500 hospitalizations annually. So, while you are still more likely to die in a car accident, then die in the hospital from cat scratch fever it dies to happen and you don’t want to become any part of this statistic.

Protect Your Children From Cats scratches

Can cat scratches kill you

Children also are way more at risk of cat scratch diseases as they are more likely to play with cats.

Those who already have a repressed immune system from the illness like cancer, Hiv, or Flu are more at risk of contracting the cat-scratch disease. So, if you currently sick, be careful! keep your cat indoors this will help to prevent infections through other cats, avoid rough play, and take care of any scratch you might have.

Tips You Must Do

Can cat scratches kill you

If you are scratched by a cat, clean the wound with antibacterial soap and water and watch out for fever with tender lymph nodes or pustules at the injury site that never good.

Summary Of Can Cat Scratch Kill? Is It a Problem?

  1.  To be on guard against a rising new potentially – deadly infection called cat-scratch diseases. And no – we did not make this one up.
  2. It’s a bacterial infection.
  3. Cats transmit the bacteria through the saliva.
  4. Cat scratches are dangerous.
  5. Protect your children from cats scratches.
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