Can 2 Cats Use The Same Litter Tray? Is It Hygienic?

Is sharing really caring? Can 2 Cats Use The Same Litter Tray? Is It Hygienic? Well, for kittens especially true litter mates it is. The sharing of food bowls, water bowls, toys and even bedding is extremely common when cats are very young. However, the sharing of a litter tray, if two cats or perhaps more using the same spot? Well, that is not recommended and we’ll talk about why? Right here right now!

If you are a owner of multiple cat and you are also budget conscious or any other reason behind to know about this interesting topic. I tell you one thing, you are not the only one! Sometimes random question come in the mind of owner and they want to know about it.

Let’s come to this interesting random question of yourself can 2 cats use the same litter tray? Is it hygienic?

Can 2 Cats Use The Same Litter Tray?

Can Two Cats Use The Same Litter Tray?

It’s very important to understand that cats especially as they get older will begin to establish the pecking order. Every cat has a role to play. The alpha, the beta and everyone in between. The claiming of territory, there are in fact winners and unfortunately losers.

The vast majority of cat altercations often stem over a battle concerning prime real estate. Either that or one cat attempting to intrude on territory that has already been claimed.

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Why Multiple Cats Never Share Litter Tray?

Can Two Cats Use The Same Litter Tray?

One litter box and two cats someone has to win, at least in most cases. This at the very core of the matter is why it’s a bad idea to have multiple cats share something so personal as a litter tray.

Cats need their very own space. They need their own thing just as a whole and using the restroom. Well, it really doesn’t get much more personal and private than that. And some cats especially cats that feel inferior can become so stressed and anxious that using the restroom can become extremely difficult.

This is why at the very least two litter trays for two cats is vital.

In fact, some experts will go as far as to say that two cats need more than two boxes. Perhaps even three or four. Just in case some level of bullying and anxiety continues the objective is supreme privacy and the option to seek it.

Why Placement Of A Litter Tray Is Important?

Can Two Cats Use The Same Litter Tray?

The actual placement of a litter tray is also very important. And now that, we’ve established that cats shouldn’t share the same box. They also shouldn’t share the same space. You go east and I’ll go west. Each cat should have their very own spot at the opposite end of your home.

This will help to hopefully cut down and eliminate any intimidation and anxiety. The ability to use the restroom in peace. And while we all know that a cat’s litter box shouldn’t always be cleaned. Often or as often as possible. Given this subject matter, it becomes all the more critical to keep each litter tray equally clean.

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Well, cats can often find it difficult to let’s just say set up. When the litter tray is a mess.

Limited room to stand manoeuvre do business and then cover. If one litter tray seems to be useless the cat with the dirty space will likely seek better options naturally. This could almost by default set up a clash.

The same clash that you’ve been seeking to avoid this entire time.

Final Words

And just to summarize it’s okay if kittens share for a brief period of time. However, as soon as possible do these things:

  1. Provide your individual cats with individual litter trays.
  2. Allow them to have their own space and their own privacy.
  3. Sharing is fine but when dealing with such a sensitive matter a very personal matter.
  4. Independence and space are very critical.

Well, hygiene and hostility promote the first and put a lid on the other. It can all start with setting up a litter tray for each cat.

Let me know your take on this topic; If you have multiple cats and if you’ve had them since the earliest of days, did you allow your pets to share the same litter space?

And if you did when did that Sease? The floor is now open for comments and commentary, so many angles to take here. And I’ll let everyone fill in the blanks with your very own personal stories and opinions.

Always grateful for the engagement in the comment section.

Can 2 Cats Use The Same Litter Tray? – Youtube Video

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