Best Way To Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter

This blog helps you to know about Best Way To Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter. Winter is coming, Santa brings us gifts, everybody is happy but, what about the poor little animals who lives in open environment, can they survive the cold winter? There are some things that you can do to make their lives easier. In this blog you will learn how you can keep outdoor cats warm during winter season.

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Best Way To Keep OutDoor Cats Warm In Winter

Best Way To Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter

1. Build Or Buy A Cat Shelter

The best way to keep an outside cat warm in winter is to have a safe place for it to sleep. A cat needs shelter during the long cold winter nights. Your shelter doesn’t need to be elaborated to be effective, a simple cage with some straw not hay could do the trick. The difference between straw and hay may seem mundane but, it could actually make a world of difference for cats. Hay is typically used to feed animals like horses, it soaks up moisture and making it cold and uncomfortable for cats and has the potential to get moldy. And in winter a wet bed can even be dangerous, making cats more likely to get sick. On the other hand straw, the dry leftover stalks from harvested crops repels moisture and making it the best bedding for outdoor cat shelters.

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2. Make a Small Door In Your Garage Or Outdoor Storage Space

The garage or outdoor storage space provides a good windbreak. Just cutting down the amount of wind or completely eliminated makes a big difference in the temperature and comfort of the cats.

3. Set Up Heaters For Warming Pets

Depending on your budget, another great way to keep outdoor cats warm is by having one of those enclosed oil filled radiator heaters. You can put them in your garage and since they’re fully enclosed, you don’t run any risk of fires and the cats will enjoy the extra heat.

Another similar idea is setting up some heating pads in your shelters. They usually last a maximum of about 10 hours depending on the brand and temperature outside but, they can be a cheaper option for those who still looking to provide some additional heat to their cat shelters.

4. Provide Cats With Plenty Of Fresh Food

The reason a cat needs regular daily feeding and the extra calories from the food is because it takes more energy to keep warm and maintain their body temperature during those cold winter months.

It is easier to provide dry cat food because it doesn’t dry out, doesn’t freeze and most of the time cats will tolerate eating it. The upside of using wet food however is that it requires less work for their systems to digest, which in turn helps conserve energy.

5. Make Sure Cats Have Fresh Water Every Day

Put out fresh water every day ideally, twice a day. I know you are asking but will it not freeze? unfortunately “yes” but, there are some tips you can do to avoid that

  1. Fill bowls with hot or warm water to help stove out freezing.
  2. Try to place the water where it won’t freeze. Put the bowls where it will be at least partially protected from wind and we’ll get some sunlight you can also position it next to heat sources like grates and pipes.
  3. Invest in a heated bowl electrical or solar powered. It’s important to place the bowl at the same place and at the same time. At this, cats will learn your schedule and will come to drink water at those times.
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Some Additional Tips To Keep In Mind During Winter

Best Way To Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter

Before you start up your car it’s a good idea to bang on the hood of your car and check underneath to make sure there aren’t any cats hiding.

Avoid using salt or chemicals to melt snow around your property. This can hurt cat’s paw pads and can be literally toxic, if slurped up from puddles or licked up their paws.

Be extra careful when using or transporting antifreeze it can be enticing to cats but it is extremely toxic to them and if freeze poisoning is unfortunately a common cause for the death of many cats.


Cats are truly special. I have two adopted cats and they mean the world for me. If we talk about dog they are always human best friend but now in todays time cats are also winning human hearts. So, it’s our accountability to show sympathy toward outdoor animals and adopt them.

If you like this article then share it with your friends. At this we can help all the outdoor cats to suffer in winter.

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