In this Blog you will learn the Best 6 Fun Facts About Orange Cats.

Now, let’s head into the facts.

Best 6 Fun Facts About Orange Cats

1. They Can Eat Almost Everything

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

Ginger cats can have a big appetite and they can eat almost everything, from the weirdest foods to the most common.

If you think that you can leave something outside the fridge because cats don’t eat this, think twice if you have a ginger kitty. No food is safe from them. Mine for example, loves eating lettuce.

2. Only About 20% of orange cats are female.

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

It’s very rare to find a ginger female cat. This is because both cat parents need to be orange in order for their female offsprings to be orange.

But how rare are female ginger cats?

Only about 20% of orange cats are female. So if your the owner of such a rarity, be proud!

3. They Have Cute Black Freckles

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

They will develop cute black freckles as they grow up. Orange cats will almost always have freckles on their lips, noses and even on their buts! Which makes them truly adorable.

I mean really, who doesn’t love freckles?

“I hate them”

It’s a joke don’t take it serious.

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4. They Are All Tabby Cats!

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

They all share the “agouti” gene, which means they all have an “M” on their foreheads. Basically, they are in one way or another, a big family!

5. No Solid Orange Coat Pattern

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

They have 4 different coat patterns and none is solid orange. Their patterns can be classic (swirled), mackerel (striped), spotted or ticked.

While ticked cats might seem to have the same color, if you look at their forehead, you will notice the letter “M”, and if you look at their individual hairs, you will see they are striped with alternating light and dark bands, known as the agouti hairs.

6. They Are A Love Maniacs

Best 6 Fun Fact about Orange Cats

The most adorable trait of ginger cats are their loving nature. Most ginger cat owners say their orange cats are love bugs, affectionate but also looking for affection from their owners. Perfect lap cats for a rainy day!

Our cat Marcel is definitely a love bug and a purring machine He is also very sociable with other humans and also other pets.

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