You’ve purchased a dozen or more toys for your cat over the years but where are they now? What are the reasons why do cats hide their toys? Are you even a bit stumped by the whole thing I mean where exactly are the toys? If you’re a bit confused as to where certain play items have gone your cat probably has a stash, that you just don’t know about. And while this isn’t the case with every cat certainly but some cats love to hide their toys.

If you are a novice owner and it’s difficult for you to understand your cat’s behavior or why your cat performs certain actions? Then don’t worry this situation is faced by every cat owner and after some time you are pro in this field what your cat wants.

Let’s come to the topic of why do cats hide their toys? And understand cat behavior.

About: Why Do Cats Hide Their Toys?

3 Reasons Why Do Cats Hide Their Toys?

This type of behavior is born in the wild from those hunting and survival days. The days of living off the land perhaps the days of motherhood. It’s instinctual, even for a spoiled house cat.

If your cat loves to hide its toys this is typically being done for at least one of three possible reasons and perhaps all three working at different times.

3 Reasons Why Do Cats Hide Their Toys?

1. Hunting Reason

3 Reasons Why Do Cats Hide Their Toys?

Let’s start with the hunt. The toy is taking the place of the kill. It’s not uncommon for cats in the wild to kill and then take their prize to a covered and sheltered location.

This serves two purposes

  1. It allows the cat to eat the meal later.
  2. The meal is sheltered and perhaps scent altered. Just in case another animal arrives on the scene.

The toy is the kill. If your cat hides a toy this is done for protection. Saving the toy for later. Similar to how a cat in the wild might save and shelter a meal?

Now, you understand why cat steals and hide things

2. Motherhood Character

In the same way that a mama cat will relocate her kittens for a plethora of reasons. Some cats will move their toys from place to place