Are Cats A Threat To pregnancy In Humans? I hope you all must be fine and I pray that you always remain healthy and happy and your pet also remains healthy. Today in this blog we will be discussing about a very important topic. Today’s topic is important because, today I will tell you about such a disease which can transfer from animals to humans especially to pregnant women.

Due to this there are chances of miscarriage also. we will be discussing in detail. I also tell you about some safety precautions. we will discuss in detail.

Let’s start

Are Cats A Threat To Pregnancy In Humans?

Are Cats A Threat To pregnancy In Humans?

1st of all if some doctors tell you that you should not have cats then there are some reasons behind this. It is obvious that if you pet a cat then you love them so much. You don’t want to get away from you or have a distance with you or give them to someone because the cat becomes one of your family members.

Cats And Pregnancy Risks

There is an infection known by the name of “Toxoplasmosis” which you must be careful of. This happen by a parasite and the cause of this is “Toxoplasma Gondii”. This basically causes mild flue in humans.

If you have any pregnant female in your home then this can also cause fatal death to her and even miscarriage because this infection can cause and there is a possibility of this.

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What Are All The Safety Precautions You Need To Do?

Are Cats A Threat To pregnancy In Humans?

Never Clean Litterbox By Yourself

You should never clean the litter box by yourself and if you have to do it anyways then its better to use gloves, and its even better to use a mask aswell. You must not clean the litter box daily. Ask someone else to do this for you.

Never Give Raw Meat

Apart from above precaution, you should not give raw meat to your cat because there is a chances of  infection (which I describe above) are because of raw meat.

Not Work In Garden

Are Cats A Threat To pregnancy In Humans?

You should not work in the garden. And like before if you want to do that then use gloves and mask. If you have any sort of fruit in the garden then you have to wash it properly before eating there are chances of infection describe above) from these fruits aswell.

Keep Your Area Clean

Apart from this, you should keep your area always clean and you must not handle raw meat, as it can aslo cause the infection.

If you take these precautions then you will be safe and your pregnancy would also go fine.

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Final Words

I hope that these small issue which we have discussed with you can save any human life. You can take care of yourself and keep your pet at home also, it’s nothing to be worried about.

You can also discuss about this with your human physician, so that you can get to know about this.

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